Work out with Anime Songs from January!

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Prepare yourself for working out with anime songs from January! A Japanese record company called King Records and an entertainment company called Kayac are set to launch their joint project Anison Fitness. Using anime songs you can work out and get thinner. There will be also a TV program from January 11 onwards. Its title is “Anison Fitness A-Fit,” and it’s set to premiere on Tokyo MX. Yuuki Takada, a 23-year-old anime voice actress is joining the cast along with Yakko (Q’ulle member), and 17-year-old CG character Sakura Asahina, voiced by Takada. Sessions will have five-minute series and 12 episodes.

It has an original character developed for Anison Fitness. It uses the latest motion capture technology.

It can be used in gyms and sport clubs. The organization is also planing to make events at festivals, such as in animation festivals.

It also promotes health care and it’s focussed on making health something funny. The application incorporates game elements to achieve that.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get healthy and have fun with it! We’ll be waiting for the fun with Anison Fitness!

Source: PR Times, A- Fit, Crunchyroll
Image source: A- Fit

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