Wasabi-Chan Photo Book “Arigato Wasabi-Chan” Reached Number 7 on Oricon Bestseller List



It is still fresh to our memory how Wasabi-chan, the most loved kitten on internet, was rescued by Japanese Twitter user @jessiepon and spent those precious time together until her last moments. (If you’ve missed it, read our previous blog posts on Wasabichan.) When Wasabi-chan passed away, hundred thousands of fans grieved over the loss of this tiny kitten.
Since then, a photo book collecting Wasabi-chan’s lively days has been released; it’s called Arigato Wasabi-Chan!  The book was released on September 30th, and this week, it recorded 13,000 copies of sale in a single week, making it the 7th place in Oricon Ranking’s bestseller list. On Amazon Japan’s ranking, it is the number one bestseller in “Cats” and “Animals” categories, as well as earning 42nd place in the entire “Book” category. Here are some of the pages included in the book.

wasabi-chan-photo-book-rinkya-japan2 wasabi-chan-photo-book-rinkya-japan3 wasabi-chan-photo-book-rinkya-japan4 wasabi-chan-photo-book-rinkya-japan5 wasabi-chan-photo-book-rinkya-japan

Part of the profit made from this book will be donated to animal welfare organizations.

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Source: Narinari

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