Want to Sing Karaoke in Your Room? Here’s a Personal Sound Proof Cardboard Room Just for You


BANDAI NAMCO is offering a creative solution to people who want to sing karaoke in their apartments without disturbing their neighbors. “Danbocchi” is a personal sound proof room made entirely of cardboards. It comes in parts so you can disassemble and assemble with ease, whenever you wish. When it’s collapsed, it takes up very little space.
This is what Danbocchi looks like when it’s assembled.



Looks pretty sturdy, isn’t it?
You can use this space for recording Youtube videos (or Niconico Douga, or whichever media you prefer), singing karaoke, composing music, using it as a home theater, and the list goes on.

danbocchi-cardboard-sound-proof-karaoke-rinkya-japan2   danbocchi-cardboard-sound-proof-karaoke-rinkya-japan6

So how sound proof is this really?
The official site states that when someone’s singing karaoke at 90 decibels inside Danbocchi, it only sounds like 60 decibels to people outside of it, which is about a normal speaking volume.


You can see how it’s got holes to let cables go through, and it comes with an attachable table that holds up to 15kg of weight.

The dimension of Danbocchi measures 1100mm (L) × 800mm (W) × 1600mm (H).
It costs 59,800 yen at retail. It sounds pretty expensive for cardboards, but compared to other high-end sound proof options, it’s quite reasonable, and it is portable, so it does not have to be a permanent installation.
If you want some privacy and personal space, maybe you can consider Danbocchi for a solution.

Source: Danbocchi Official Site

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