Very rare Eidai Grip Speed Racer/Mach Go Go Go Diecast Car Model



Today we found a beautiful 1960’s Eidai Grip Speed Racer (aka Mach Go Go Go) diecast car with its original box! Eidai Grip is known for its miniaturized toy with great attention to detail and fun gimmicks that attracted market that is different from competitors such as Popy, Takatoku, and Bull Mark.


eidai-grip-speedracer-mach-gogogo-rinkya-japan2 eidai-grip-speedracer-mach-gogogo-rinkya-japan3 eidai-grip-speedracer-mach-gogogo-rinkya-japan4 eidai-grip-speedracer-mach-gogogo-rinkya-japan7 eidai-grip-speedracer-mach-gogogo-rinkya-japan6

Due to its age, the toy has scratches and chips on paint and the box. Please examine the photos carefully before you make a bid.
This auction ends on November 2nd, 2013 at 7:46 in PDT.

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