Vending Machine Must Haves in Japan!

Vending machines are hugely popular in Japan and they are not your average vending machines with just sodas and snacks.

Fresh farm eggs, toys, flowers, ramen and much more can be found while traveling throughout Japan.

The image above taken by a Rinkya staff member is an umbrella vending machine. I love these, as I am not used to rain so I am always unprepared.
After many vacations all over- you would think I would be prepared- however, I get stuck paying some ridiculous amount from a street vendor when the rain comes, they figure a dumb tourist has more money on them!

The umbrella vending machines range from 400 -1000 yen, but in a pinch 400 yen is a great deal!

Manga vending machines are all over as well- it is great to pick up a book for a rainy day!

Fake Vending Machine Hides you From Criminals!

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