Two Sets of Popy Voltes V Volt in Box Listed for Auction


Today we have two sets of vintage Voltes V Volt in Box toys by Popy listed on Yahoo Japan Auction. They are both 80’s re-release version of the original 1977 Volt in Box with red elbows (the original one has yellow elbows). Both are in fairly good conditions and come with 2 different versions of Popy booklets.

1) Popy Voltes V Volt in Box with the Popy Booklet 2nd edition

popinica-voltes-v-volt-in-box-rinkya-japan popinica-voltes-v-volt-in-box-rinkya-japan3 popinica-voltes-v-volt-in-box-rinkya-japan2




All editions of 80’s Volt in Box sets have the same contents, except for what’s on the lower left side. This is the space that contains a Popy pen, survey postcard, and Popy booklet. There are three variations to Popy booklets in this era. This particular set above has a black book titled “Monoshiri TV Kyoku No.2,” which is the second edition of Popy booklet.


2) Popy Voltes V Volt in Box with the Popy Booklet 3rd Edition





popinica-voltes-v-volt-in-box-rinkya-japan8 popinica-voltes-v-volt-in-box-rinkya-japan7


This second set of Volt in Box has Popy booklet showcasing Ultraman kaiju monsters and little dolls. This is the third edition of Poppy booklet. It’s kind of strange to have Tsuburaya production’s merchandise in Voltes V toy, but that’s what was allowed back in the day! This is probably the final edition of Volt in Box.



Choose the one you like and bid on it!

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