Transformers Revenge of The Fallen Japan Exclusives!

Preorder now with Amiami’s sale prices!

Jaguar USB Transformer currently 25% off for only 2984 yen!

Tigatron USB also 25% off for 2984 yen!

And to tie it all together the Broadcast USB Hub! Wow, I cannot believe this awesome transformation! 31% off for 3980 yen!

Order any or all via Rinkya Stores!
Commission is $8 base fee, $1 per 1000 yen after. Only ONE base fee per store, not per item!
We charge what the store charges for shipment!

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen other exclusives:
Optimus Prime & Bumblebee Robo Qs

Did you miss any of the old exclusives? Check out Yahoo Japan for them and bid through Rinkya!

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