The World’s First Kit Kat Store Opens in Japan

Japan is known for having more diverse Kit Kat flavors than any other countries. Appropriately for such Kit Kat loving country, the world’s first Kit Kat store “Kit Kat Chocolatory” celebrated its grand opening in Ikebukuro today.


In the Chocolatory, you’ll find many limited edition Kit Kat from all over Japan, as well as exclusive flavor you can only find in this store.

It even has a chandelier made of Kit Kats.

kit-kat-chocolatory-rinkya-japan4 kit-kat-chocolatory-rinkya-japan6


Very stylish arrangement of Kit Kat.

kit-kat-chocolatory-rinkya-japan3 kit-kat-chocolatory-rinkya-japan5 kit-kat-chocolatory-rinkya-japan7


The first three limited edition flavors sold exclusively at the Kit Kat Chocolatory are: “Kit Kat Sublime Bitter,” a sour chocolate with 66% cacao, “Chocolatory Special Sakura Green Tea,” a white chocolate infused with matcha green tea and cherry leaf powder, and “Chocolatory Special Chili,” a  chocolate infused with roasted chilli pepper.

You can visit Kit Kat Chocolatory at Seibu Ikebukuro Honten department store.


Image source: Joshi Plus

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