The Most Mouthwatering Phone Stand Ever: Udon Smartphone Stand


There’s been many smartphone accessories from Japan that look like real food, but I’ve never seen anything that’s this big before. Hamee, a Japanese online shop specialized in cellphone accessories, released Udon Samrtphone Stand that’ll make sure to keep your phone safe and still while constantly keeping you hungry as well.

Udon Smartphone Stand was made by an actual display food company that provides fake food for restaurants. It is ultra realistic, and also the bowl is made with actual ceramic. The attention to detail is simply amazing.

udon-smartphone-stand-rinkya-japan2 udon-smartphone-stand-rinkya-japan4

Since it uses a real udon bowl, it’s quite heavy, weighing 1 kilogram. There’s no way this smartphone stand will get knocked over by mischievous house cats or careless coworkers.

Udon Smartphone Stand is also compatible with tablet devices.udon-smartphone-stand-rinkya-japan3udon-smartphone-stand-rinkya-japan5


Udon Smartphone Stand is 9,800 yen each and is available from Hamee online store. Why do you need this at all? Well, nobody needs this, but it’s just cool.

There are other food choices if you like. I feel like I’m looking at restaurant menu.



Both tempura and oyster smartphone stands are 3,780 yen each.

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