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Unique Japanese Yukata for Hanabi time!

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Summertime is the time to wear a Japanese Yukata during Hanabi, fireworks, and Matsuri, festivities. To enjoy fireworks in Japan during summertime is a pleasure, and more so when you are inside a fresh Yukata an enjoying a cold beer. Now you can enjoy the summertime exactly as if you were in Japan with this unique Yukata. You can also use it for Cosplay too. Yukata’s design are usually very traditional ones, but this one has a unique flavor: it has a modern pattern which makes you unique.

Yukata’s seem difficult to put on, specially for the Obi, however it is not so complicated and you can do it by yourself. Take a look at this video and see that it’s not so complicated.

As you can see, Yukata is easy to put on, and during summertime it’s a good option to be fresh. Enjoying the Hanabi, fireworks, or just going for a walk it’s very refreshing and funny. To Cosplay in summer with a Yukata is also a great idea. To take pictures with a Yukata it’s not only cute, but also very funny, specially when done with friends.

rinkya, rinkya japan, yukata, hanabi, obon, summer vacations, cosplay

Japan Word of the Day #136 – Jinbei

Jinbei yukata japan

Today’s Word is: Jinbei (甚平)

Jinbei (甚平) is Japanese summer wear traditionally worn by men and children. It consists of a kimono-like shirt and short pants. It’s a lot more relaxing than yukata (浴衣), and considered as casual outfit for informal occasions. In present days, the most likely place you’d see people dressed in it is at matsuri (summer festivals).

Jinbei Japan

Today, jinbei is also popular among women, and you start to see more and more of them designed and targeted for girls.

women's jinbei japan

Unlike yukata and kimono, it’s easy to move and loosely fitted, so many people use it as an indoor wear and as a pajama too. The material used for it is usually either cotton, hemp, or combination of both. It absorbs sweat and breathes air well, making it comfortable to wear even in hot weather.

If you want your own jinbei, you can browse the ones listed on YJ Auction via Rinkya.

Image sources: Rakuten, Nadesiko Peace, Jiggys Shop