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Rinkya 2016 Holiday Special

Get your cups and Santa hats for Rinkya 2016 Holiday Special! Come here near the crackling fire place under the shade of the great tree and sit a while and listen! Holidays truly are a special time of the year. A time to reminisce, a time to be reminded of what is truly important- our families and the ones closest to us. May we never take them for granted. So, go! Celebrate and love. And if you want to make this time a tad merrier, here are some suggestion from our gift bag of figures that were released during this year.

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5. Nendoroid Shoyo Hinata Figure

“It’s painful. I want to stop. When I feel that way, I take a step forwards.”
From Good Smile Company, we get an amazing new Nendoroid figure based on Haikyuu. the hit volleyball series that has seized the hearts of the fans from the first episode and hasn’t let go since. Karasuno High’s ultimate decoy Shouyou “Shrimp” Hinata, is the character that the Good Smile Company choose to immortalize in figure form. Hinata was sculpted by Shichibee and Nendoron and was released into the world in January 2016. The 10 cm (3.9 inches) tall, ATBC-PVC and ABS figure comes with plethora additions. Firstly, Hinata comes with a volleyball and a net so he can step onto the court whenever you wish it! The Shrimp comes with three different facial expressions: a confident, a cheerful and smiling and a super excited expression. If that is not enough for you he comes with base that resembles a volleyball court! This figure can be yours for about 10,850 yen (~92 US dollars).


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Santa on a Shark: Wild Xmas Cake from Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa

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Santa on a Shark: a wild Xmas cake from Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa! Marriott Resort & Spa are releasing five wild Xmas cakes. This year’s decorations are quite funny: Santa riding a shark! Forget Rudolf!

The first cake has Okinawa Ginoza strawberries. It’s elegant and has Santa on a shark. It measures 15 cm and it sells for 4000 yen including tax.

Let’s take a look at all the other cakes!

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Muji Christmas has limited adorable Candy Houses and Christmas trees!

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Muji Christmas has limited adorable Candy Houses and Christmas trees! They’ll be found in each Muji store. These limited candy Xmas delicacies will be released on November 2. You can assemble your candy house easily for only 1,500 yen including tax. It has baked cookies, icing powder, and a sugar Santa in the set. The cookies can be easily assembled, and the icing is also nice and easy to manage.

You can also assemble your Christmas tree for 1200 yen including tax. It has vanilla and chocolate flavored cookie parts, and icing powder.

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Japan Travel: Xmas in Tokyo, Harajuku Illuminations 2015

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Japan travel is very colorful during Xmas in Tokyo. Harajuku Illuminations 2015 are a great opportunity to enjoy Xmas in a different way. If you’re in Tokyo, consider visiting Harajuku (and Omotesando) to enjoy these different and yet compelling illuminations! We start with Omotesando Illuminations! They started back in December 1st, and they will run till December 25. They light up from 5p to 10pm. Omotesando has one of the most compelling roads in the whole city! From Meiji dori to Aoyama dori you can enjoy a 400m walk of lights and magic!

Let’s discover the other Xmas illuminations!

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Rinkya News: Holiday Schedule for Rinkya!

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We have some Rinkya News for you regarding our Holiday Schedule. From December 23rd to 30th shipping will slow down and service will wind down for the holidays until we hit December 31st to January 8th, when the shipping department will be closed for the holidays. This only affects shipping, but you can keep on bidding for your favorite items! As soon as our elves have got their rest, we’ll be shipping all your orders as usual.

Thank you for your patience while our elves get a little bit of rest! Happy Holidays!

Happy Winter Holidays!! Get this free Rinkya Calendar 2015!

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Click on the image to download full resolution.

Firs of all: Happy Winter Holidays!!! We want to give you a small digital present: the Rinkya Calendar 2015! Click on the image to see it full size, so you can save it. You can print it out, or you can use it as a background image. We hope you like it.

From all the Staff in Rinkya, we hope you have a really good Winter Holidays!! Enjoy the time with your family and friends!

Rinkya Xmas Giveaways: Winners

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Congratulations! We have our Rinkya and Rinkya Blythe Give Aways winners! Thank you for taking part in our Rinkya Xmas Giveaways! Here are our winners!

From our Rinkya Facebook page we got Marina Manzano. Congratulations! Please contact us through our FB Page before Monday 29, December 2014. If no one contacts us we will choose another winner.

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Bento Friday: Cute Chibi Santa Bento Box Recipe

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This week’s Bento Friday is so cute! Because Xmas is almost here, we’ve decided to propose to you a cute Chibi Santa bento box recipe. It is really easy to make, and results are staggering. We’re going to create a small onigiri Santa for Xmas!

Ingredients: boiled rice, salt, tuna (from a can), nori, lettuce, imitation crab meat, pink sausage, cheese, veggies you like.

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