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Hot news: Xmas holidays in Rinkya

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We’ve got hot news!! Xmas holidays in Rinkya will come soon. Please check out the following dates so that you don’t miss anything!

Our Warehouse will be in Xmas holidays from December 29, 2014 to January 8, 2015.

The last day to request an order in our system is December 12, 2015. Starts again in January!! Yay!

You can bid as usual and comment in our social media.

Stay tuned though, we have prepared some awesome Xmas for you! Follow us in our social media 😉

Image source: Fanpop.

Hyper Japan + Xmas in Japan + cute Bonsais

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Hyper Japan this year had awesome staff that greeted you in the entrance with mementos from Japan. They had an awesome Xmas tree with a twist: you could adorn it with your wishes, like if you were in Japan. When you go to a temple, you can write your wishes on wooden blocks and leave them there so they become true. Instead to do it within a Japanese temple, Hyper Japan greeted you with the possibility of mixing Western culture with Japanese culture. Your wishes would decorate a Xmas tree! (How cool is that!?)

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