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Finding Volkswagen Minibus Toasters on Yahoo Japan Auction

Volkswagen Minibus Toasters have appeared in many English sites and blogs since VW Japan  started giving them out as lottery prizes for their showroom visitors. They are so cute, and of course exclusive to Japan.
This toaster is not only designed after VW’s long-loved Minibus, but it also burns VW logo on your toasts when they are done!

volkswagen-minibus-toasters-rinkya-japan volkswagen-minibus-toasters-rinkya-japan2




Here are some photos from TAXI.

volkswagen-minibus-toasters-rinkya-japan3 volkswagen-minibus-toasters-rinkya-japan4 volkswagen-minibus-toasters-rinkya-japan5 volkswagen-minibus-toasters-rinkya-japan6


They are available in two colors, and only 5,000 of them were made in total.
On ebay, they are generally listed around the price range of $380-$600.
On Yahoo Japan Auction, an used one could sometimes be found under 10,000 yen, if you are lucky, but typically sold around 25,000 yen. Here is a record of won prices on Yahoo Japan Auction from January – February, 2013.



Due to small quantity, you may not always find the listings you like, but keep checking on Volkswagen Minibus Toasters using this link with preset keywords on Rinkya! Save searches so you can view new auction listings at any given time!