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Dolls Party 30 New Dollfies! Oh My Goddess Belldandy, Cyborg 009, Devilman, and More!


It’s time for another Dolls Party!
On December 22nd, Volks celebrated its 40th anniversary by hosting a joint festival that consists of Dolls Party 30Scale Model Frontier and Rail Expo.
New limited edition Super Dollfies and Dollfie Dreams are already up on Yahoo Japan Auction as usual. Check them out!

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Limited-Edition Yo-Midi Dollfies from SD Owner Cruise Tour 2013!


In late October, Volks hosted two special cruise tours for Super Dollfie owners to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Oath of Silver Coin doll line. The cruise, named “Masquerade on the Ship: Thanksgiving Cruise for SD Owners,” took place in Tokyo Bay and Kobe Bay. Guests who attended the tours enjoyed meeting other doll owners, taking photos of their dolls at various photo-shoot stages set onboard, and of course had exclusive opportunities to purchase some limited-edition Dollfies. Missed the tours? Well, don’t worry, we have these dolls on Yahoo Japan Auction now!

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Volks SD16 Olivia Morgan 2nd Super Dollfie from Dolls Party 19, 2008


This beautiful girl is called Olivia Morgan, one of the earliest SD16 models made by Volks. Olivia was originally sold as a special edition Super Dollfie to celebrate Volks’ first Dolls Party held in New York, 2006. Later on, in 2008, a new version of Olivia Morgan was created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Super Dollfie, and this model was sold exclusively in Japanese market.


Today we have the 2008 version of Olivia Morgan on our Auction! She is preowned, but only used once or twice just for photo shoots. Peripherals such as wigs and costumes have never been used before and still in the original packages. The eyes have been switched to cobalt eyes, but the original eyes are kept in a container and will be included in the set.

SD16-olivia-morgan-volks-super-dollfie-rinkya-japan2 SD16-olivia-morgan-volks-super-dollfie-rinkya-japan3 SD16-olivia-morgan-volks-super-dollfie-rinkya-japan4


As you can see, she is in an excellent condition.

Here are some more photos taken from Where Angels Lie website to show how she looks in the default form.

SD16-olivia-morgan-volks-super-dollfie-rinkya-japan5 SD16-olivia-morgan-volks-super-dollfie-rinkya-japan8 SD16-olivia-morgan-volks-super-dollfie-rinkya-japan9


Interested in adopting her? Bid on the item via Rinkya through the following link!
The auction ends on October 6th, 2013 at 06:53 in PDT.



Super cute Megu to Komame Yo-SD Doll from Kyoto Home Town Dolpa 2012




Aren’t they adorable?
This is a limited edition Yo-SD (Young Super Dollfie) Megu & Komame dolls from Home Town Dolpa Kyoto 9 held last year. Megu is the little girl, and her stuffed friend Komame accompanies her in this set.



We have an auction listing for Megu & Komame today. It’s a preowned item, but overall in a great condition.








Dollfie Dream Fest 2013 Exclusive Doll: Afterschool Akihabara Girls DDS Mariko Available on Yahoo Japan Auction!



The annual Dollfie Dream exhibition event “Dollfie Dream Fest 2013” took place in Akihabara through July 13th-15th this year. Some of the event’s exclusive items are already showing up on Yahoo Japan Auction!

1) Dollfie Dream Fest 2013 Exclusive: Afterschool Akihabara Girls DDS Mariko


Mariko Sensei is the number one Dollfie Dream model selected from Afterschool Akihabara Girls series in Volks DD Official Fanbook Cover Election Vol.3. The above model is DD Fest 2013 limited edition DDS Mariko, which is the younger version of Mariko Sensei previously released in 2011.

This is a quote from Volks’ official website.

“10 years earlier, when her father moved the family to Tokyo―that was her first encounter with the district called ‘Akihabara.’
Rare machine parts, anime, manga…In this town, there were so many things I had never seen before. Every day there was something new and exciting.
Still not used to my new school, only just working up the courage to talk to my classmates. …Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d be a teacher here, 10 years later.
Now that you mention it, it was my first friend I made at my new school that brought me to that event… the one that opened my eyes to the world of cosplay.”

Let us welcome Dollfie Dream Fest 2013 Exclusive DDS Mariko.


dd-fest-2013-dollfie-dream-sister-mariko-sensei-rinkya-japan4 dd-fest-2013-dollfie-dream-sister-mariko-sensei-rinkya-japan3

Want to own one?
Bid on DD Fest 2013 Exclusive Dollfie Dream Siter Mariko on Yahoo Japan Auction!

For your reference, below is Mariko in 10 years after, the original DDS Mariko Sensei model (released in Dolls Party 26, 2011).



Check out Dolls Party 26 Exclusive: DDS Mariko Sensei on YJ Auction too!

In addition, 3 exclusive Dollfie Dream outfit sets were sold at DD Fest 2013!

2) DDS Moe’s Summer Pajama Set



3) DDS Natuski’s Summer Pajama Set





4) Dollfie Dream 2013 Exclusive: Aruna’s Baby Doll Set






Search for all available listings of items related to Dollfie Dream Fest 2013 !

Volks limited edition dolls from Dolls Party 29!

Limited edition models from Dolls Party 29 held over the weekend are already starting to show up on YJ Auction!

Let’s go through the latest limited edition dolls from Volks together.

Super Dollfie SD17 Ryoma Sakamoto
sd17ryoma-2 sd17ryoma

A dashing leader of revolution in Bakumatsu period is revived as a beautiful doll!
And his wife Ryo Narasaki, dressed in a gorgeous kimono, as well.

Super Dollfie SD16 Ryo Narasaki
sd16oryo sd16oryo-2

What a cute couple!

Bid on SD17 Ryoma Sakamoto and SD16 Ryo Narasaki.

Here’s another cute pair.
Yo-SDB Piccolo 2nd Makeup version and Yo-SDG Anne 2nd Makeup version.

yo-sdganne yo-sdbpiccolo

Bid on Yo-SDB Piccolo 2nd Makeup ver. and Yo-SDG Anne 2nd Makeup ver. today!

From Dollfie Dream we have DD Asuna from Sword Art Online.
ddasuna-thumb ddasuna ddasuna2
Bid on Sword Art Online DD Asuna!

And DDS Alice Kuonji from “Witch on the Holy Night.”



You can also get Alice’s Casual Clothing Set as an option!

Bid on DDS Alice Kuonji and Alice’s Casual Clothing Set.

From costume department there are Dressy Alice costume sets for Idolm@ster’s DDS Miki Hoshii and DDS Haruka Amami.

dressyaliceset dressyalice-miki dressyalice-haruka


Bid on Idolm@ster Dressy Alice Set. (Dolls are not included in the set)

Or, search all items under Dolls Party 29!

Happy Dolls Party and enjoy shopping for new dolls! :)