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RARE 1960’s Batmobile Tin Toy by Masudaya


A rare tin Batmobile (or “Batman Car” as Japanese toy makers called it) made by Masudaya is being listed on Yahoo Japan Auction now! This is one of the many Batman Cars produced by Japanese toy makers in 1960’s after the hit of Adam West’s Batman series. The tin car is friction driven and a vinyl Batman figure.

masudaya-batman-car-rinkya-japan2 masudaya-batman-car-rinkya-japan3


(The battery is there for size comparison… the toy is not operated by the battery!)

This auction ends on January 5th, 2014 at 5:35 in PST.

Today’s Auction: Diaclone Robot Fortress X and 4 Bonus Diaclone Robots!


Today we have an auction listing for 80’s Diaclone Robot Fortress X! As a bonus, the seller is attaching four other Diaclone robots to go with it!



Diaclone is a line of toys produced by Takara (Takara Tomy of today) from 1980 to 1984. Unlike many of the transformer-type robots at the time, all of the Diaclone robots are original designs by Takara and independent from any TV shows or media.

Fortress X is the largest toy from Diaclone line and by far the most expensive one.


There is a slight wear on the box due to age, but all parts are complete and in good condition.
The four other toys that come with the bundle are: 1) No.1 Countach LP500S,  2) No.1 Countach Super Tuning,  3) Battle Convoy,  and 4) Dia-Attacker



This auction ends on November 14th, 2013 at 2:44 in PST.

VERY RARE Fujiya Pekochan & Pokochan Vintage Tin Truck from 50-60’s.

KAWAII! Fujiya’s mascot girl Pekochan is printed on this vintage tin toy truck.
Fujiya is a popular confectionery chain in Japan since 1910. There has been many versions of Peckochan, this is an authentic merchandise from 1950-60’s.

fujiya-peko-chan-vintage-tin-truck-toy-rinkya-japan fujiya-peko-chan-vintage-tin-truck-toy-rinkya-japan2 fujiya-peko-chan-vintage-tin-truck-toy-rinkya-japan3


Vintage Pekochan items are highly collectible, and this particular truck is an extremely rare find.
What’s even better is that the original box that the toy came in is also intact and included in the set. A cute and valuable piece of 20th century Japanese culture!