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ULTRAMAN’s Ultra Monster Sake Tins: Barutan Seijin & Dada from Premium Bandai

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Ultraman’s Ultra Monster Sake Tins are here! Barutan Seijin and Dada come directly from Premium Bandai. Reservations start on December 1 and will last until January 16, 2017. This Ultraman’s Ultra Monster Sake Tins appear thanks to the 50th anniversary of the broadcast of Ultraman series. Takaoka Casting is in charge of creating the castings. They are a traditional craft business from the Toyama Prefecture with more than 400 years of history.

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Featured Seller: Several SUPER RARE Vintage Toys! Chogokin, Jumbo Machinder, Bull Mark

This seems to be a lucky week for vintage toy collectors!
On YJ Auction right now, seller besdirect is listing several highly sought-after, extremely rare toys for bid. Chogokin, Jumbo Machinder, Bull Mark, and more! Listings are ending soon (1-4 days), so make sure to set your timer, and don’t miss it!

1) Chogokin Grendizer MIB

grendizer-chogokin-spazer-rinkya-japan grendizer-chogokin-spazer-rinkya-japan2




2) Henshin Cyborg Ultraman Set MIB



ENDING IN ONE DAY!! Buyout option available.



3) Former BANDAI Kamen Rider





4) Popy Jumbo Machinder Voltes V MIB






5) Former BANDAI Mazinger Z




6) Bull Mark Ultra Seven (Loose)



ENDING IN 3 DAYS!! Buyout option available.



7) Godaikin Popy Deluxe Chogokin Daltanias






8) Nakajima Toys Tiger Mask MIB






9) Bull Mark Battery Operated Earthtron







Good luck bidding everyone!

Bento Friday: Father of Ultra

Happy Friday!
This weekend is Father’s Day. It is the same in Japan.
How would you celebrate it? Taking dad to a nice dinner? A present maybe?

Rinkya picked out some bentos featuring Father of Ultra to compliment all hardworking dads!

bento-ultraman-father-rinkya-japan bento-ultraman-father-rinkya-japan2


If you don’t already know him, Father of Ultra is the Highest Commander of the Space Garrison. He is the biological father of Ultraman Taro and adoptive father of Ultraman Ace. Furthermore, he is the uncle of Ultraseven. Although other Ultra brothers are not really his kids, they greatly respect him like their own father.



Happy Father’s Day!




Bento sources: Gurea, Minnei, Calimeromama

Browse all listings of Ultraman items on YJ Auction via Rinkya.

Old Ultraman Picture Puzzle for Takeda Chemical Industries



This is a vintage picture puzzle of Ultraman used by Takeda Chemical Industries for its advertisement campaign. One the bottom left is a logo of Takeda Chemical and Alinamin A, an energy drink sold by the company.

Presumably this is from the time when Ultraman was being broadcasted for the first run. On the back of the puzzle, it shows the schedule for the Ultraman TV show.

old-ultraman-puzzle-rinkya-takeda-medicine-japan3 old-ultraman-puzzle-rinkya-takeda-medicine-japan2


The puzzle is covered by a thin sheet of paper for protection.
This auction ends on October 10th, 2013 at 6:34 in PDT.


Anime, Giant Robots, Tokusatsu, Boobs… Japan’s Got Most Awesome Fishing Lures

Do you love fishing? Regardless of which fishing store you go to, you find that fishing tackle comes in a large variety of shapes, designs, and colors. Among many options, Japan’s got some of the most awesome fishing lures. As it could be said to almost everything Japanese people do, they put meticulous attention to details and leverage all their artisanship, creativity, and wackiest ideas into making these novelty lures. I selected a few of my favorite to share with our blog readers!

 1) Bandai G-Master Splash Heroes Mazinger Z Fishing Lure

mazinger-z-fishing-lure-rinkya-japan2 mazinger-z-fishing-lure-rinkya-japan3 mazinger-z-fishing-lure-rinkya-japan4 mazinger-z-fishing-lure-rinkya-japan5

Our favorite giant robot Mazinger Z is soooo cute as a chibi fishing lure. Bandai had a line of anime and tokusatsu-themed fishing lures called G-Master Splash Heroes back in 2003 (long sold out now), and Mazinger Z is one of them.

Search for Mazinger Z Fishing Lures on Yahoo Japan Auction.

2) Bandai G-Master Splash Heroes Gamera and Kamen Rider V3 Lures


I have to show two more from Bandai’s Splash Heroes series because they are just so cute. Aren’t thse Gamera and Kamen Rider V3 fishing lures adorable? You can see how detailed they actually are for something that you are supposed to throw in water…

godilla-gamera-fishing-lure-rinkya-japan2godilla-gamera-fishing-lure-rinkya-japan3 kamenrider-v3-fishing-lure-rinkya-japan1 kamenrider-v3-fishing-lure-rinkya-japan2

Search for Gamera Fishing Lures on Yahoo Japan Auction.
Search for Kamen Rider V3 Lures on Yahoo Japan Auction.

3) Tommy x Nintendo Pokemon Fishing Lures



These Pokemon lures would make me sing “Gotta Catch ’em All!” while trying to catch fish! Gotta catch all the fish! (Well, maybe not, to be gentle to the environment)

Search for Pokemon Lures on Yahoo Japan Auction.

4) Frog Products Boob Lures


Frog Products released these nice, round, not-too-bit, not-too-large, perfect boobs to lure fish. Maybe they lure human more than fish? 😉 They come in two color options…for your preference.


Unfortunately these lures are very difficult to find even on auctions. Keep monitoring on Yahoo Japan Auction from this link until it shows up, as they occasionally do!

5) Ryobi Ultraman Fishing Lure


Ultraman can help you find your catch underwater!
I love how much attention to detail they put into it. Even if you don’t fish, this would be a perfect addition to your Ultraman collection.

Find listings for Ultraman Fishing Lures on Yahoo Japan Auction

6) Ryobi Ultraman Kaijuu Lures – Alien Baltan and Pigmon




If there is Ultraman, we’ve got to have kaijuus too! Two of the most iconic and popular kaijuus from Ultraman: Alien Baltan and Pigmon are also available as lures from Ryobi!

Find listings for Ultraman Kaijuus Fishing Lures on Yahoo Japan Auction

7) Rascal the Raccoon Fishing Lures




Our beloved Rascal the Raccoon come in three different colors as fishing lures! Rascal is eating a toast, hopefully he’ll be able to catch fish for us too?

Search Rascal the Raccoon Fishing Lures on Yahoo Japan Auction.

8) GAN CRAFT Tsuri Chichi Nagisa Collaboration Jointed Claw 178

Here comes the fun part: sexy bishoujo lures.



This lure is specially crafted for a fishing manga series on Shounen Sunday called Tsuri Chichi Nagisa. And they are actually made by a quality fishing tackle company Gan Craft too, instead of a toy company. You can enjoy outdoor fishing with beautiful Nagisa-chan!


Search GAN CRAFT x Tsuri Chichi Nagisa collaboration lure on Yahoo Japan Auction.

9) Super Sonico Fishing Lure by Unagiinu

Here’s another sexy fishing lure, featuring Super Sonico, the popular mascot girl from Nitroplus.



This is actually a handmade lure modified from an existing lure “Strike King Sexy Spoon.” How fitting is it that the artist chose to put Sonico on it? The artist Unagiinu does a lot of customized “Ita-Lure” (痛ルアー) to make ordinary fishing lures more, um, attractive.

Here’s a little section of a fishing store displaying Unagiinu’s custom tackle.



10) Toys Frog Char Zaku Flash Jim Fishing Lure

gundam-zaku-char-fishing-lure-japan-rinkya gundam-zaku-char-fishing-lure-japan-rinkya2

Char Zaku should be able to fish 3 times faster than other lures (hopefully)! The 3D mono-eye is cute!

It should work really well for octopus catching too, since, reportedly, that’s how Japanese fisherman catches octopus…as shown in a Japanese TV show Zip. (News source: Kotaku) I’m not sure if it’s true or not, but give it a shot, right?

japanese-fisherman-fish-with-char-zaku-evangelion-rinkya-japan japanese-fisherman-fish-with-char-zaku-evangelion-rinkya-japan2




Vintage Bull Mark Ultraman Giant Dorako PVC Toy

Do you like Kaijyuu? A good old tokusatsu show?

Here’s our today’s pick!
Vintage Bull Mark Ultraman Kaijyuu Dorako PVC Toy.


ultramandorako bullmark-dorako2


Dorako is a popular kaijyuu that has appeared several times in Ultraman series.  This toy is 33-cm tall, and is a very rare toy to find an original version (There are remake versions released in 2002).

Bid on Vintage Bull Mark Ultraman Giant Dorako PVC toy now!