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Studio Ghibli Cuteness Overload: Super Kawaii Totoro

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Today we have a Studio Ghibli cuteness overload for you with super kawaii Totoro items! If you have watched Studio Ghibli anime movies, then you know about My Neighbor Totoro, also known as Tonari no Totoro in Japanese. The famous anime movie creator Hayao Miyazaki wrote and directed this amazing film that has captivated many generations already. It premiered in Japan in July of 1988. The movie was then dubbed by Disney in 2005 for its US release.
Today we will be taking a look at some super kawaii Totoro items to celebrate My Neighbor Totoro, one of the sweetest anime movies of all times. Are you prepared for the ride?

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Bento Friday: Spam Onigiri Totoro Bento Box

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Today we have a very cute, but perhaps not so healthy, bento box recipe: a Spam Onigiri Totoro Bento Box! It is super easy to make and it is a great idea to have tons of fun creating these cute Spam Totoro Onigiris! So, what do we need?

Ingredients: a can of spam, nori, boiled rice, veggies that we like, cheese, some patience and lots of wishes to have fun!

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Bento Friday: super cute x sweet Totoro bento box

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Today we have a very sweet Bento Friday. Our bento box recipe of the week is about Totoro, one of my favorite Studio Ghibli characters. So, today we are going to create a Totoro bento box with easy ingredients. It’s going to be the cutest bento ever!

Ingredients: pan roll, mayonnaise, honey, egg, cheese, dark chocolate, chocolate balls. You can use cream too, to put into Totoro! We’ll also need a sharp knife to create all the shapes.

Let’s begin!

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Bento Friday: super cute Totoro bento box

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Today we have a very yummy super kawaii Totoro bento box: a cute big grey Totoro! I know, again with a bento box dedicated to Totoro. But I am still in shock about Studio Ghibli stopping doing more nice films, so I want to celebrate with a cute bento box with one of my favorite Ghibli characters: big Totoro.

Totoro ingredients: a cup or rice (choose the amount depending on how big you want to do your Totoro), black goma (sesame seeds), nori, cheese and shape cutters to create shapes.

First you need to mix black goma (sesame seeds) with rice. If you smash them before you can attain the grey color of Totoro. But remember that Totoro has a white belly, so we’ll need to create a separate rice ball for the belly, and put them together.

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Guess the fandom crossovers!

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Fandom crossovers artwork is really popular. Many artists wish to depict their favorite fandoms creating a mixture of them on paper or through digital art. Some are really astonishing! So, we are going to play a little game today: we are going to guess to which fandoms these crossovers belong to :) Easy, isn’t it?

We’ll start with the fourth one in our list. You can see two ladies dressed in a particular way. I bet you know both fandoms, but just in case, here you have the clue to discover the fourth fandom crossovers: both belong to Disney.

Know it? (I am sure you do!)

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The third one depicts characters that I am sure you know by heart. Anyway, here is the hint: the author of one of the fandoms has decided to retire (that’s why we are so sad).

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Missing Studio Ghibli already!

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This week we have had some bad news about Studio Ghibli. They are going to stop their anime production and concentrate on their assets (like trademarks). These are saddening news since it would mean that we are going to be left alone with no more Studio Ghibli new films. I personally find it very sad, since I love all the movies that Studio Ghibli has produced. My favorite one is “My neighbor Totoro.” Since I first saw Totoro, I always wanted to meet him, in person. It is quite impossible, I know, but having a plush toy makes the effect as well. I also lost count of how many times I’ve seen the movie.

Lovers of Studio Ghibli are going to feel like orphans. Year after year, we’ve been waiting for the new film to come out. The truth is that Hayao Miyazaki is already an old man, and has the right to retire. However, the fan in us feels somewhat lost and very sad at the idea of not having more Studio Ghibli’s films. Simply put: we love them. The characters are strong but sweet, staggering and cute. The world that Miyazaki has shared with us is sweet and thrilling. Through his movies we can learn values and enjoy kawaii and sweet anime.

Let’s celebrate what Studio Ghibli has done till now, all their movies, Miyazaki’s art, all the characters. Let’s make a small homage to the man who created a wonderful world for us. Let’s continue to enjoy all the works of Studio Ghibli!

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Artist: Victor’s Beard

Bento Friday: Totoro with Acorns

Happy Friday!
Today’s bento features Totoro and Small Totoro with Acorns made of sausages!


This bento artist, karenmama, is extremely talented.
She even bakes bread shaped like Totoro characters. totoro-bento-rinkya-japan3


And this Totoro is made of black sesame steamed bun.



I’m utterly amazed by her skill.
Check out more bentos on karenmama’s blog.

Have a good weekend!

Browse all listings of Totoro on YJ Auction via Rinkya.


Bento Friday: Rainy Season Totoro

Happy Friday!
June is rainy season called “tsuyu” in Japan (more discussion about tsuyu can be found on our previous Japan Word of the Day post).
News reported that most areas of Japan officially entered tsuyu season on June 3-5th this year, a little earlier than normal.

Rainy season doesn’t mean you can’t have fun though.
There are lots of things to enjoy even in rain and cloudy weather, like making and eating bentos!
Today’s bento features Totoro with his leaf umbrella, made by Sasabon.



I love how tiny this Totoro is! Because most Totoro bentos I’ve seen in the past always come with huge Totoro rice balls, seeing a cute little one like this is great for a change. The leaf is actually edible too!

This’ll definitely bring a smile on my face!

Have a nice weekend!