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Wonder Festival Summer 2013 Exclusive Items Continued

Here are some more Wonder Festival Summer 2013 Collection. These are toys that were only available at the event, there is not current plan for online releases.

threeA Toys Wonder Festival Summer 2013 Exclusive Edition Isobelle Pascha FUNKAKE!



threeA Toys released Wonder Festival Summer 2013 exclusive dolls Isobelle Pascha FUNKAKE at Good Smile Company booth. There are two versions to this model, the one with open eyes and the one with closed eyes. Make sure to check for open eyes (目開き) or closed eyes (目閉じ) when you look for the auction listings. Only 100 pieces of FUNKAKE exist!



METALBOX Nisemonogatari Oshino Shinobu Resin Kit



Above photos are taken from a finished example of the resin kit. The actual kit is not colored/finished. This model is based on the design of Shinobu from Nisemonogatari Episode 11 (the season finale).
– Uncolored, unbuilt resin kit
– Ivory base color
– Height: 200mm
– Number of parts: 13



Ques Q Toradora! Aisaka Taiga Bikini Wonder Festival Summer 2013 Exclusive Color




Ques Q re-released Toradora heroine Taiga Aisaka PVC figure with a special, limited edition color!



Ques Q Touhou Project Yuka Kazami Wonder Festival Summer 2013 Exclusive Color

touhou-project-kazami-yukawonder-festival-quesq-rinkya-japan2 touhou-project-kazami-yukawonder-festival-quesq-rinkya-japan3 touhou-project-kazami-yukawonder-festival-quesq-rinkya-japan

Yuka from Touhou Project with Wonder Festival exclusive color!



SEGA PRIZE! Wonder Festival Summer 2013 Exclusive UFO Catcher Prize: Oreimo Kirino Kousaka & Kuroneko


Sega Prize! made a limited stock of 1,000 pieces of Oreimo Kirino & Kuroneko figures to serve as special prizes for UFO Catchers (claw machines) set up at Wonder Festival Summer 2013. On the base of the figure, it says “Wonder Festival,” making it a great commemorative item for the event.

 For Kirino, bid-now-button

For Kuroneko, bid-now-button


Wonder Festival Summer 2013 Exclusive Chara-Ani.com A Set of Six Yontengo Nichijo Figures

chara-ani-nichijou-yontengo-wonder-festival-summer-2013-rinkya-japan chara-ani-nichijou-yontengo-wonder-festival-summer-2013-rinkya-japan2

Previously released “Niitengo” Nichijo figure set was sold out immediately. Don’t miss the new & exclusive version of these Nichijo figures!



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