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Top 10 cosplay pictures of the week: cute x sweet

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Today our top 10 cosplay pictures of the week is super cute and sweet. We have chosen super cute cosplayers and great pictures for you to enjoy! Let’s begin with the fun!

We start with our number 1: Itsukakotori (from DATE A LIVE) by Akaoni Kou. She looks really sweet, but also sexy! I like the colors in this picture a lot. What do you think?

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Top 10 best sellers of the week: road to love

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Our top 10 best sellers of the week are great again! This time we are paving the road to love! Valentine’s day is around the corner, so better prepare for the big day! You can also take a look at our list and decide if you want to give a great present to yourself as well. Possibilities are endless!

Our #10 is for Studio Ghibli. There are tons of cute Studio Ghibli items in our system: plushies, collectibles, etc. Just take a look and decide which is your beloved choice!


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Top 10 best sellers of the week: more ideas for Xmas

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Out top 10 best sellers of the week are awesome! You still are on time to get some great ideas for… next week! Be quick and check our list. Get ideas and have fun!

Our #10 is shared by DC and Marvel figurines! Marvel was already on the list, and now DC is taking place just alongside Marvel. You can find lots of figurines and items from them!


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10 Craziest Japanese Ice Cream! From Oysters to Snake Flavors, Most Unexpected Ingredients Get Served as Desserts

Summer in Japan could get quite hot, with this year records one of the warmest summers in a thousand years. Fortunately, there is no shortage of delicious iced desserts in this country!  Here are my list of craziest ice creams to try in Japan.

10) Deep Fried Oyster Ice Cream

Photo Source

From Bizen (formerly known as Hinasecho), a small town in Okayama Prefecture, proudly presents soft-served cream with deep fried oysters! The town is best known for kaki, or oyster farming. Deep fried oysters are seasoned with sashimi soy sauce.

Take a bite, and you’ll see a juicy oyster under the breading…


Anybody wants to try?

9) Miso Ramen Ice Cream

Photo Source


Photo Source

Nanja Town, an indoor amusement park located in the middle of bustling Ikebukuro, offers a large selection of unusual ice cream flavors. This is a Miso Ramen Ice Cream, complete with a naruto maki (fish cake with a pink spiral pattern) and pieces of menma (pickled bamboo shoots). Here is an English review of Miso Ramen Ice Cream, which described it “kinda tastes like some weird peanut butter.”

8) Sishamo (Willow Leaf Fish) Ice Cream

Photo Source

Sishamo is a saltwater fish widely consumed in Japan as delicacy. This menu boldly incorporated this traditional meal into a sweet soft-served ice cream. The brown flakes on top of the ice cream are shredded sishamo, and you are supposed to use a whole body of sishamo stuck on it to serve as a spoon. The menu is available at a shop nearby Hamaatsuma Station, Hokkaido.
For reference, this is sishamo, generally served grilled.

Photo Source

7) Yakisoba Ice Cream

Photo Source

Fugetsudo in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, is an sweets shop with 120 years of history. At the shop, you can select from more than 100 different flavors of ice cream. Some of them are pretty standard, like vanilla and strawberry, but some of them are just wacky, like this Yakisoba Ice Cream. It contains actual yakisoba sauce, yakisoba noodle, cabbage, and meat in it.

6) Octopus & Soy Sauce Ice Cream



If you are a fan of sushi, you might have tried octopus before, but have you had Octopus Ice Cream? An italian gelato brand Firenze from Amakusachi, Kumamoto Prefecture, created a line of ice cream flavors using the best of locally produced ingredients. This is by far the oddest menu in all of the flavors Firenze offers though!

5) Sirasu (White Bait) Ice Cream

Photo Source


I know a lot of people from West who just can’t manage to eat shirasu, those little immature fries of fish, typically referring juvenile sardines. Maybe you can overcome it if it’s mixed with sweet ice cream (or maybe it makes it worse…)?


4) Soft Served Ice Cream Ramen

Photo Source

In Kitasenju, Tokyo, there’s a ramen shop called Kikuya. This restaurant serves all kinds of weird ramen, such as coffee ramen, cocoa ramen, soy milk ramen, etc. but the appearance of this Soft Served Ice Cream Ramen is simply shocking! It’s just one of those things that you know it’s not going to be good, but have to try.

3) Jelly Fish Ice Cream

Photo Source

Jelly Fish is pretty to look at, but did you know it’s also good in ice cream? Kamo Aquarium in Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture has a restaurant specialized in jelly fish recipes. One of the popular items from their menu is this Jelly Fish Ice Cream. When you eat it, you can taste a sort of grainy, jelly-ish textures. It’s low in fat contents, making it a perfect dessert for calorie-conscious crowd!


2) Mamushi Snake Ice Cream


This is a Mamushi Snake Ice Cream with actual blended Mamushi in it. What is Mamushi? Mamushi is one of the most venomous snakes living in Japan. Approximately 10 people get killed by mamushi bites ever year. However, it is also a popular, traditional ingredient of Chinese medicine, typically used to give stamina and energy. According to an user review, the ice cream smells like an old shoe when you open up the lid, and tastes like rotten garlic and cardboard when you eat it.

1) Bird Flavored Ice Cream



In my opinion, this is by far the wackiest ice cream out there. Bird Flavored Ice Cream is sold from a bird watching coffee shop called Torimi Cafe. The above photo is one of the three bird flavored ice creams offered here: Cockatiel Parrot Flavored Ice Cream. According to many reviewers, it fills your mouth with that particular smell of a cockatiel (if you’ve ever been around one) when you take a bite. It doesn’t actually contain any bird parts (fortunately), but instead it’s made with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and apple bits.
Here is two other bird flavored ice creams available from the shop.


From left, a cockatiel flavored ice cream, a parakeet flavored ice cream, and a java finch flavored ice cream. I just don’t understand the mindset of someone wanting to imitate a bird flavor with ice cream!
Bird flavored ice cream created the latest buzz on Twitter Japan, and due to popular demands, they will be sold on online shopping sites starting August!

Have you seen weirder ice cream flavors? Share it with us if you have! We would love to have our readers contribute interesting photos and stories on our blog! :)


Some of Japan’s WTF/Shocking Moments Captured on Twitter

Twitter is a melting pot of chaos and wonders in Japanese communities too.
I’ve collected some of Japan’s freaky/shocking/WTF moments captured and found on Twitter to share with you!

1) Used Color Contact Lens Should not Be Left There

Source: @potyomukin33

This is a nightmare.

2) Super Scary Apartment Spotted in Kyobashi, Osaka

Source: @zatsuhana

3) A Woman Got Her Leg Caught Between A Train and A Platform, People Gather to Help Tilt the Train to Rescue

Source: @kishaburaku


(This just happened yesterday at JR Minami Urawa Station, Saitama.)

4) J-POP Idol Shoko Nakagawa’s New Hair-Do: Cicada Cast-off Shells

Source: @shoko55mmts

She dressed up covered with cicada shells for a summer music festival, “Mezamashi Live” on July 20th. She threw some of the shells during the concert, but the wind was so strong they got blown away in pieces!

5) Dried Stingray Is the Freakiest Dried Food Ever

Source: @sakamobi

Supposedly dried stingrays taste really good…but I can’t get over the looks!

6) Using a Mac in Starbucks

Source: @piano1431

And the person in the back is also using a Mac!

7) Rilakkuma Punished to Set an Example for What Would Happen to Shoplifters

Source: @dover_s2

8) Taking a Pet for a Walk

Source: @deeppoid


I have a theory that most WTF moments in Japan happen in train stations.

9) Giant Tomato Takes a Train

Source: @ryukawa0517

I told ya!
The tomato man was also spotted hanging out with a bun and a piece of lettuce.

Source: @komauamok

10) A Perfectly Comfortable Spot for an Onigiri (Rice Ball)

Source: @1_kazu28

11) A Roomba Lost in Kanda Street


It reminds me of Pixar’s film WALL-E. Looks so lonely! I hope the owner finds the poor lost Roomba.

12) “Due to a System Error, ‘Hot Dog Combo’ is Currently Being Printed as ‘Crawfish’ on Receipts. We Sincerely Apologize.”

Source: @hozondojo

Why does it even happen!?

13) Cat Mesmerized by Ghibli’s “The Cat Returns”

Source: @twuku_

Soooo cute! By the way, here’s a trivia for “The Cat Returns.”
Look at this scene.

Source: @isotu_akua


The school lockers are labeled with “Anno” and “Sadamoto,” the director and the character designer of Neon Genesis Evangelion, respectively. Anno also voiced as a seiyuu in Miyazaki’s latest film “Kazetachinu.”

14) ‘Babe Caught Me Sleepin’ Meme in Japan

Source: @25nozomi25

There are tons of existing Bae Caught Me Slippin parody photos out there in the West, but this one makes me laugh even more because of those K-ON! slippers in the background, and the fact that a pretty girl like her is willing to do a joke like this!

15) A Hachi Cat at Shibuya Hachi Statue

Source: @popona


At Shibuya Station, there’s a famous statue made in memory of Hachi, the faithful dog known to wait for his master everyday at this station after the owner had past away. There, sometimes you find a cat sitting in front of the statue. Cats appear in different costumes every time, so I don’t think it’s waiting for the owner, but nevertheless it’s an odd combination of a cat and a dog!

Anomaly is normalcy in Japan! Enjoy and embrace all the weirdness if you ever visit the country ^_^

10 Most Popular Local Gotochi Hello Kitty in Japan!

Every prefecture/tourist destinations in Japan have their own local Gotochi Hello Kitty merchandises sold exclusively in the areas. They are cute and serve as perfect souvenirs for friends and families when visiting other prefectures (Some big cities in US have their Gotochi Kitty too!).

There are more than 1,500 kinds of Gotochi Hello Kitty out there. Among them, which Hello Kitty did best in sales in year 2012?
Let’s find out below!

10. Mount Fuji Fuji-chan Hello Kitty (Yamanashi Pref. exclusive)


In collaboration with Mt. Fuji mascot Fuji-chan!

 9. Fukushima Yae Hello Kitty (Fukushima Pref. exclusive)


Kitty’s dressed up as Yae Niigawa, the Japanese equivalent of Joan of Arc during Bakumatsu Revolution

8. Sauce Cutlet Don Hello Kitty (Fukui Pref. exclusive)


7. Jinbee Zame Hello Kitty (Okinawa Pref. exclusive)

She’s riding an Okinawan whale shark!

6. Leopard Hello Kitty (Osaka Pref. Exclusive)


5. Hakata Mentaiko Twin Seated Kitty (Fukuoka Pref. exclusive)

Twin Kitties are seated on Fukuoka’s popular delicacy mentaiko (spicy cod roe)

 4. Nagoya Shachihoko Laying Kitty (Aichi Pref. exclusive)

Shachihoko is a Japanese mythical creature with head of tiger and body of carp.

Shachihoko is a Japanese mythical creature with head of tiger and body of carp.

3. Umbrella Hello Kitty (Kyoto Pref. exclusive)

2. Lavender Checkered Hello Kitty (Hokkaido Pref. exclusive)

And the most popular local Hello Kitty of 2012 was… (drum roll!)

1. KumaMon Hello Kitty! (Kumamoto Pref. exclusive)

Kumamoto Prefecture’s popular mascot character KumaMon earned the first place in collaboration with Hello Kitty! They seem to be getting along and becoming good friends :)

kumamonhellokitty3 kumamon-hellokitty2


What’s your favorite Hello Kitty?
Did you find the ones you like and places you want to visit?

Search for all Hello Kitty items on Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya.

Ranking source: Goo