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1954 Sets Only! Steiff x Godzilla 60th Anniversary Stuffed Animal

Steiff x Godzilla

High-end teddy bear maker Steiff is going to release limited edition stuffed Godzilla this coming November to commemorate the 60th year anniversary of Godzilla. The quantity is limited to 1954 pieces, which is the same number as the year the original Godzilla movie hit theaters.

Steiff Godzilla

This Godzilla is all hand-made as all Steiff stuffed animals are, and sold exclusively in Japan. You can pre-order this very special Godzilla through Rinkya Direct now. Remember, quantity is very limited!

Steiff Godzilla

Steiff Godzilla

Steiff Godzilla

Rinkya Price: $587.72 (excluding international shipping)

Want more? Browse all Godzilla-related items via Rinkya Auction!

Rare Duffy the Disney Bear by Steiff for 5th Anniversary of Tokyo Disney Land

Duffy the Disney Bear is Mickey Mouse’s favorite teddy bear! Did you know that Duffy became only popular after Japanese tourism company running Tokyo Disney parks decided to push for its marketing? That’s why Japan has more Duffy fans than any other places in the world.

Back in 2006, Tokyo Disney Sea celebrated its 5th anniversary and released limited edition Duffy the Disney Bear plush made by Steiff. Only 1000 bears were made, and sold out fast for a bear as expensive as 42,000 yen. Here is a catalog showing 5th anniversary Steiff Duffy (on the left). On the right is 10th anniversary edition, which is less rare.



I found one of these 1000 bears listed on Yahoo Japan Auction today.

anniversary-duffy-disney-bear-steiff-rinkya-japan anniversary-duffy-disney-bear-steiff-rinkya-japan2 anniversary-duffy-disney-bear-steiff-rinkya-japan3


It has been kept in the original box since its purchase, never been touched other than to take a photo this time. Everything including the original certificate and instruction manuals are included. It is a very rare, highly sought after Steiff bear as well as a Duffy merchandise in near mint condition.

Four more days to bid! Make sure to watch it if you want to win.


Steiff’s Kumamon Teddy Bears Sell Out in 5 Seconds

German plush-toy company Steiff started taking pre-orders for Kumamon Teddy Bears on May 12th, and in everyone’s surprise they sold out in mere 5 seconds!


These special edition Teddy Bears (small bear being held by big bear above) were made in collaboration with Kumamoto Prefecture’s popular mascot character, Kumamon for limited production of 1,500 bears only.
If you missed out on it and still want to own one, there are already some showing up on Yahoo Japan Auction. Competitions are quite fierce, so act quick!
Search Steiff’s Kumamon Teddy Bears on YJ Auction via Rinkya.

kumamonteddybear05 kumonteddybear04


Steiff Japan’s representative explained, “such large response is unprecedented since Disney’s Teddy Bears.”
Kumamon has been selected as most popular local mascot character in past, but I suppose no one expected he would be this much of the rage! Go Kumamon!

Thanks for supporting Kumamon and Kumamoto!

Source: Asahi Shimbun