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T.M.Revolusion Mugen -winter dust- costume for charity auction


We already saw T.M.Revolution’s Takanori Nishikawa contributed to Stand Up Japan, a charity auction supporting victims of 311 Earthquake, by selling his original costumes from Gekko.

He’s now auctioning his costumes from Mugen -Winter Dust-, one of his hit songs in 1999 as well!
Check out this gorgeous outfit!



Remember this?



And of course, it comes in a set of two, with his pal Daisuke Asakra’s costume too!

T.M.Revolution Mugen costume

Bid on a set of two costumes from T.M.Revolution’s Mugen -Winter Dust-

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I hope this helps many people in affected areas from earthquake and tsunami!

Takanori Nishikawa/T.M.Revolution for Tohoku Earthquake Charity auctioning his costumes from GEKKOH

As part of charity events ran by Stand Up Japan, a nonprofit group dedicated to helping victims of 311 Tohoku Earthquake, Takanori Nishikawa (T.M. Revolution) is auctioning out two sets of costumes he actually wore in 1999 for Gekkoh (月虹) CD cover, promotions, and videos.


One was worn by Takanori himself, and the other one was worn by his music producer/band partner Daisuke Asakura. (Technically at the time T.M.R was called the end of genesis T.M.R. evolution turbo D)

CD cover of Gekkoh, 1999

BID ON Takanori Nishikawa’s actual costumes used in Gekkoh.

Stand Up Japan also sells a lot of personal items auctioned by Japanese celebrities, musicians, actors, comedians, etc. Check out their YJ auction store to see all listingYou’ll find some amazing things there.

Get things you like, and help out Earthquake/Tsunami victims and affected areas! :)