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Would you try these new Japanese Chocolate Chip Salt Watermelon Cookies?

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Would you try these new Japanese Chocolate Chip Salt Watermelon Cookies? Ito chocolate, a famous chocolate and sweet maker, has created a new chocolate cookies with a very unlikely flavor: salt watermelon. What are the odds to choose this flavor in the West? Thin, obviously. However, Japan has made it yet again! And we’re happy for that! It will be released on May 23rd for all of us to enjoy. It’ll cost 220yen excluding tax. The dough cookies will have an amazing watermelon flavor with a pinch of salt, and chocolate cookies. Chocolate chips have tiny chocolate seeds for you to enjoy. The salt brings up the taste of watermelon, and the whole combination is just amazing.

Even if this flavor choice might seem somewhat unusual, it isn’t so for Japan. Sumer time is the time for enjoying watermelons on the seaside. Thus, Ito’s choice for watermelon just makes sense. Since summer is around the corner, so the watermelon flavor is the one to win this season!

If you’re travelling around Japan, stop by a convenience store or a supermarket and get your hands on them and try them out. If you’re interested in them and want to have tons of wonderful cookie boxes for you to try, let us know.

Remember, these wonderful cookies will be available from May 23! A box is plan to cost 220 yen excluding taxes. Don’t miss them!

Source: Entabe
Image source: Entabe

Japan Word of the Day #111 – Kakigōri

Today’s Word is: Kakigōri (かき氷)

Kakigōri is a popular dessert in Japan that’s made primarily of shaved ice and sweet syrup.



It’s a popular summer staple in Japan and often sold at local fairs and matsuri (traditional festival) along with other popular items such as yakisoba, takoyaki, and cotton candy. Flavors commonly used for kakigōri include strawberry, melon, green tea, blue hawaiian, and condensed milk. Green tea flavored syrup is often topped with sweetened red beans.

Stores that sell kakigōri usually have recognizable flags printed with “氷” for ice.


Want to make kakigōri? There are many kakigōri machines available for sale in Japan. Some of them are manual (turn a handle with your hand), and some others are automatic.

Classical design of a manual kakigōri machine.

Classical design of traditonal kakigōri machine.


Electronic automatic kakigōri machine.

It’s very simple sweet, but sometimes the simplest thing brings the most happiness to your life!

Image sources: fuxima point, Amazon, Trendy, Rakuten

New Açaí Berry and Coconut Flavored Pocky to be Released

From May 27th, confectionery company Glico will release two limited edition Pocky snack for this summer.



Berry Carnival Pocky is a brand new flavor that’s never been released before. Coated with cream made of abundant açaí berries and strawberries, Berry Carnival Pocky has hint our fresh sourness that makes it a perfect sweet for hot summer.

Coconut Pocky is covered with creamy milk chocolate mixed with crunchy coconut flakes. Coconut Pocky first appeared on store shelves in summer of 1995. Fan’s favorite seasonal Pocky returns with a new packaging inspired by resort beaches.

Each box of Pocky will be sold for about 143 yen (before tax).

Source: MyNavi News

Bento Friday: Godzilla

Happy Friday!
Have you already seen the new Godzilla movie? I absolutely loved it!
I liked it so much I went looking for Godzilla bento.


The detailed cut of seaweed replicating the iconic silhouette is amazing! The side dishes to go with the rice (boiled pumpkins, pickled plum) are also very traditional style homemade Japanese food, reminding us of Showa-period Japan when Godzilla first appeared on screen.

Here are some Godzilla birthday cakes too.

godzilla-cake-rinkya-japan godzilla-cake-rinkya-japan2

Have a nice weekend!

Source: Atsushi Arino, Harimaya, Nonkinaahiru

Japan Word of the Day #24 – Depachika (this is where you find some of the greatest sweets)


Today’s Word is: Depachika (デパ地下)

Depachika is a combination word of “depāto (=Department Store)” and “chika (=basement, undergroudn).” In Japan, basement of department stores are usually dedicated to food products. However, don’t underestimate it just because it’s part of the mall. It is one of the most popular places for OL (office ladies) and housewives to go and buy trendy sweets.


Depachika sells all kind of food from sweets, pickles, specialty gifts, fresh produce, tea, coffee, etc. It’s been always a popular spot, but since around 2000, more and more trendy sweets shops start to be there, making depachika an unique market that appeals to female customers. The way they display their products are very pretty and clean too :)

Image source: Rakuten Blog, Depachika