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Ghibli Museum Opens Again!

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Ghibli Museum opens again after some restructuring. Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki’s studio, has produced some of the most compelling anime movies to date, including My Neighbor Totoro and Princess Mononoke. But, to see all the work and enjoy extras like the Cat-Bus, you must attend the Ghibli Museum. After renovations, it re-opens again. Don’t be fooled, though. It’s very difficult to get tickets for it. The best thing to do is to get the tickets in advance (and you can do so through Rinkya, yay!) If you go to the Ghibli Museum, you’ll be entering Heaven. For real! There are tons of places where you can play, and there is a giant Cat-Bus where you can enter and have fun. And yes, if you are an adult you can do it too.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Ghibli Museum if you’re in Japan. Remember that you can buy tickets through Rinkya.

Source: TimeOut Tokyo
Image source: TimeOut Tokyo

New Makkuro Burger, aka Pitch Black Burger, is the new Studio Ghibli sensation

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New Makkuro Burger, aka Pitch Black Burger, is the new Studio Ghibli sensation. The Pitch Black Burger is inspired by the sprites from Studio Ghibli from My Neighbor Totoro, one of the sweetest movies Miyazaki has created. The looks of this Makkuro Burger might be weird, but I’m sure it’s pretty delicious. You’ll find this awesome burger in Tokyo Roppongi Hills from July 7 to September 11 at a special exhibition about Studio Ghibli. During the exhibition, you’ll be able to enjoy an original menu based on the movies of Studio Ghibli. And one of the dishes is the fantastic Makkuro Burger.

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Ghibli Museum in Mitaka Closes Temporarily for Renovations

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Ghibli Museum in Mitaka closes temporarily for renovations, but don’t despair because it will re-open in mid-July. And it will re-open in a very big way, with a new exhibition called “Nekobus ni notte, Ghibli no Mori he.” In other words, Ride the Cat-Bus to Ghibli Forest. This re-opening exhibition will run from July 16 to May 2017. The museum has hold amazing exhibitions over the years, like the “Spirited Away Exhibition” back in 2001, “Heidi, Girl of the Alps Exhibition” back in 2005 or “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea Exhibition”back in 2009.

“Riding the Bus-Cat to Ghibli Forest” wants to become a blast by using collage-style art. Also, the Cat-Bus is beloved by many fans, and so, many had asked if the Cat-Bus could be called into action.

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Studio Ghibli Cuteness Overload: Super Kawaii Totoro

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Today we have a Studio Ghibli cuteness overload for you with super kawaii Totoro items! If you have watched Studio Ghibli anime movies, then you know about My Neighbor Totoro, also known as Tonari no Totoro in Japanese. The famous anime movie creator Hayao Miyazaki wrote and directed this amazing film that has captivated many generations already. It premiered in Japan in July of 1988. The movie was then dubbed by Disney in 2005 for its US release.
Today we will be taking a look at some super kawaii Totoro items to celebrate My Neighbor Totoro, one of the sweetest anime movies of all times. Are you prepared for the ride?

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Bento Friday: Spam Onigiri Totoro Bento Box

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Today we have a very cute, but perhaps not so healthy, bento box recipe: a Spam Onigiri Totoro Bento Box! It is super easy to make and it is a great idea to have tons of fun creating these cute Spam Totoro Onigiris! So, what do we need?

Ingredients: a can of spam, nori, boiled rice, veggies that we like, cheese, some patience and lots of wishes to have fun!

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Thank you for the smiles Studio Ghibli!

Thank you for the Smiles

I grew up with you,
you made me giggle,
you made me laugh,
you made me dream, think and draw.

Thank you for the smiles,
my friend from afar,
thank you for the dreams,
the illusions, the tears and the joy.

You created something beautiful,
for me, for my friends, for my kids.
You created something beautiful,
to love, to share, to treasure.

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Tribute Video to Hayao Miyazaki’s films

We are going to miss Hayao Miyazaki’s films a lot. So much that a tribute to his work is already out there. Prepare yourself to get moved: laughter, mystery, sadness, surprise, sweetness. Everything is in the video, a great tribute to a great man! How many of Hayao Miyazaki’s films have you seen? I bet that you’ve seen all of them!

His stories are unique! Amazing, plenty of emotion. His ways have been always incredible. Just days from the announcement of his retirement, we are left with his amazing work. Now what we can do is to pay tributes to the man and his great work. The best way to honor Miyazaki’s work is to watch again all the movies, collect Studio Ghibli’s awesome goodies, and get inspired by them.

We are missing you already Miyazaki-san. Your work has been and will be an awesome guidance, inspiration and entertainment source for many generations.

Source: Hayao Miyazaki – A Tribute from Alexandre Gasulla.

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Bento Friday: cute Inari-zushi Totoro Bento

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This Friday we have a very healthy and cute Inari-zushi Totoro Bento, that you can do yourself at home. Totoro is a very cute character loved by many all over the world. It was created by Hayao Miyazaki being one of his most famous and cutest creations. Through the Studio Ghibli, Miyazaki has created lots of wonderful and cute characters.

To create your cute bento, what you need is rice, vinegar for sushi (sumeshi), black sesame, inari (fried tofu, mini size), pasta, nori, and some cheese. (If you don’t have sumeshi, you can skip it totally and create your inari-zushi Totoro bento without it.)

First, mix the rice with some vinegar and the black sesame. Once you’ve mixed it well, create small balls and create the onigiri (as seen in the picture). You can create different sizes of rice balls to recreate different Totoros. But, the best, is to create your Totoro bento taking into account your bento box size.

Cut the inari and shape it. Keep the remains to create Totoro’s ears. Take some pasta tiny sticks and fry them. Once they’ve got a golden color, attach Totoro’s ears with the inari.

Take the nori, and cut eyes, nose and belly. You can also decorate your Totoro in different ways. Then, decorate their environment with vegetables. You can create mountains with cherry tomatoes, or flowers with boiled carrots.

This is a very cute and healthy bento, funny to share with friends and to make it for your kids as well.

Source: Charaben Mania.

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