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New Cellphone Straps Have Street Fighter II Characters Do “Dogeza” to Apologize

Zarigani Works is a toy company making several odd products including “Dogeza” series, which is a line of small figurines kneeling in kowtow style to show one’s deep apology.


It was revealed through a tweet by Bruce Hsiang, that the company is planning to release a new “dogeza” line featuring Street Fighter II characters.



I have no idea why, or what familiar faces like Ryu, Ken, Chun Li have done to the point need to do dogeza, but Dhalsim and Blanca seem to be happy and all psyched up for a fight it seems!

Zarigani Works confirmed that the tweet was true.
Street Fighter II “Dogeza” cellphone straps will be released in July.
Each figurine will be priced at 300 yen.