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RARE Art of War Berserk Guts and Slan statue

From Art of War statue maker, brand new unopened Berserk’s Guts & Slan -GOD HAND- statue is up for auction.


Art of War usually makes a small lot of statues for limited period of time. This one is from about five years ago, featuring a scene from Berserk episode 218. Only 300 of them were made at the time, and this is one of them in a completely mint, unused condition, with a serial number metal plate included. The seller is a company called Time Labo specialized in handling used figures and toys, and they decided to have this item auctioned on their YJ shop.

From Art of War official site, we can see what it looks like when the statue is set up.

berserk berserk2 berserk3


It’s quite creepy but has amazing details and feel to it.
Bid on Art of War Guts & Slan -GOD HAND- on Yahoo Japan auction while it’s still available!


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