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Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia, we’ll miss you

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Carrie Fisher, dearest Princess Leia, we’ll miss you! Fisher was a great personality that enlightened us with her life experience and her wisdom. She also was Princess Leia, a role model for thousands and thousands of kids who wanted to be just like her. She confronted Hollywood, she made a stand, she was a true rebel. Witty, strong, and a storm that we loved.

Star Wars is deeply love in Japan, and so, Fisher’s passing has been a bomb. Everywhere in the world. Star Wars won’t be the same. Millions of fans mourn both the character and the human being behind.

She was a Jedi in Twitter, who fought for ageing rights and against injustice. Princess Leia will be in our minds forever!

All Rinkya members are deeply sorry and want to cherish her remembering Fisher and Leia in all their glory, in all their ages. May the Force be with You, Princess.

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Star Wars Imperial lunch from Kotobukiya

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Have you seen this Star Wars Imperial lunch from Kotobukiya yet? The famous Japanese Hobby maker Kotobukiya is releasing a Star Wars food pick design in December. It will be matched with the release of the movie Rogue One, a Star Wars Story. According to the new designs, we’ll be able to choose between a lightsaber set or an Empire set. Both sets are amazing and a great add to your Star Wars collection.

Let’s take a look at both sets.

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May the 4th Be With You!

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May the 4th be with you! As you know, today is Star Wars Day! And we are going to celebrate it in a humble way! While internationally we know Star Wars Day by the word game of May the 4th, Japanese use “may the force be with you” (Foosu to tomoni, arankotowo). True, we lose the joke in losing the nuances, but the essence remains the same. So, how are you going to celebrate this gorgeous day?

With Star Wars cupcakes?

Or perhaps a Star Wars themed bento?

Are you going to rock that awesome wookie tee that’s getting dusty in the closet?

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Doshisha just designed the Star Wars Stainless Steel Bottles you were waiting for!

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Doshisha just designed the Star Wars Stainless Steel Bottles you were waiting for! And you’re going to want them all! From this April, in Japan, you can get your hands on these amazing stainless steel bottles that cherish Star Wars. There are four in total: Storm Trooper, R2-D2, BB-8, and Star Wars Jedi themed one.

No more thirst around Tatooine! These Star Wars stainless steel bottles are perfect to keep you hydrated and in tune with the Force! Light, stylish, geeky and wonderful, these make the perfect present for a Star Wars fan who loves to travel around or who loves hiking or taking long walks.

They are cute and not to big, perfect to have one into your bag and feel comfortable at any moment, without feeling that you’re wearing stones in the bag. The stainless steel bottles also provide great insulation for heat and keeps the liquid cold for 12 hours. Each bottle has a capacity for 350ml and measures approximately 68x 171mm and weights around 200 grams. It sells for 3240 yen with tax.

Want to have one of these? Contact us and let us know! We are your proxy service from Japan 😉

Source: Entabe
Image source: Entabe

New Era and Star Wars The Force Awakens Collaboration hats include a Darth Vader one!

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New Era and Star Wars The Force Awakens Collaboration hats include a Darth Vader one! To celebrate the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens, New Era has released a collaboration hat series. The line of hats includes a Darth Vader one. Both adults and children can enjoy the fandom and celebrate the new film of the Star Wars franchise. As you know, New Era is an American hat maker founded back in 1920. The quality of their hats and caps are famous along the Major League!

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Japanese Star Wars Coffee Ideas for the Day After!

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Have you seen Star Wars the Force Awakens? Then you need some of these Japanese Star Wars Coffee Ideas for the Day After! Belcorno Latte Art has created some examples with Star Wars characters for you to admire and get some ideas of what you can do with your coffee to celebrate that Star Wars is rocking the screens again! Yes! The Force Awakens! And Yes! It awakens with latte art! What about a R2D2 latte?

Let’s take a look at the rest of Star Wars Latte art together!

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Bento Friday: Japan Celebrates Star Wars with Bento Boxes

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This week’s Bento Friday comes super hot! Japan celebrates Star Wars with bento boxes! Here you have some great inspirational ideas to make the Force Awaken in your kitchen! Get creative today and celebrate Star Wars the Force Awakens!! Chewbacca is a perfect candidate for noodles! Akirun has created this wonderful bento to enjoy anywhere today! Or any other day that you feel like being a rebel or joining the Dark Side!

Let’s discover the other Star Wars bento box ideas!

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Have you seen the Japanese trailer of Star Wars The Force Awakens yet?

If you haven’t seen the Japanese trailer of Star Wars The Force Awakens this is your chance to do it! Not only it is amazing, it also has Japanese writing (a thing that I deeply love from Japanese trailers). One thing that is cool about this new Star Wars episode is that all the old is new again. We have a heroine, and a new set of characters that rock. Are we up for it as an audience?

Hope is not lost today, it is found!

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Star Wars: Episode VII ~ Nendoroid Star Wars: Darth Vader and Stormtrooper

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They are here! Nendoroid Star Wars: Darth Vader and Stormtrooper! Collect them and create a Nendoroid Star Wars army and get loads of fun! Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens is around the corner! Prepare yourself pre-ordering these cute and badass nendoroids! If you are on the Dark Side of the Force, you will need these Nendoroids! Enjoy the new Star Wars episode with your favorite collectibles!

Let’s discover them!

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