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Sake Arcades? One Coin Sake Bar in Niigata Has 117 Sake on Tap


Recently a bar in Niigata Prefecture has drawn attention of many Japanese internet users. It’s called Tasting Gallery Koshi no Muro. It’s basically a taproom for people to try out a wide variety of Japanese sake, particularly from Niigata Prefecture.
What’s so special about it? Everything here is priced at 100 yen. And you can insert special tokens to use automatic sake dispensers, as if you are playing arcade games!

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Japan Word of the Day #51 – Sakana


Today’s Word is: Sakana (肴)

In today’s Japanese language, sakana could mean two different things.
Sakana (魚)means fish, which is what most Japanese learners hear first.
Sakana (肴) on the other hand means food served to be enjoyed with alcoholic beverages.

The origin of the word actually comes from the latter. Long time ago, all side dishes including any vegetable, seafood, and meat were called “na.” Among different types of side dishes, seafood was the ingredient most used to accompany sake. Eventually, the combination of sake (alcohol) + na (side dish) started having secondary meaning, which is fish!

Image source: Suntory