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Valentine 2016: Let’s get in Love with McDonald’s Chocolate Fries!!!

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So, what to do during Valentine 2016?? Why not trying McDonald’s chocolate fries!? McDonald’s Japan is offering McChoco Potato since January 26. It might look like a weird combination, but reality is that February is the love month in Japan and you can find chocolate almost everywhere. Now McDonald’s has made it possible for us to enjoy chocolate sauces on our fries! (In Japan, of course.) So, if you’re in Japan, prepare yourself to enjoy balanced sweet x salty fries!! If you’re an American you already know that fries are pretty salty in the US. However, in Japan fries are served much less salty, so the combination of chocolate and salty fries works!

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Valentine 2016 Ideas: Chocolate Bear and Key Necklace from Q-pot (white and dark chocolate)

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Here you have some Valentine 2016 ideas to surprise your loved one: a chocolate bear and key necklace from Q-pot! You can choose between white chocolate bear and dark chocolate bear. Both have the same pendant. They are the perfect presents for this Valentine 2016! Bears measure about H17 × W19 × D7cm and the key black necklace chain measures around 60cm. The motif is about 8.5cm. You can order them asap! They’re available till items last!

Let’s start with the White Chocolate Bear and Key Necklace! A super cute present for a lovely partner! Get it here:


Let’s have a closer look!

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From Kyoto: Uji Matcha Strawberry Chocolate Truffles for Valentine 2016

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Something cool is coming from Kyoto this Valentine 2016: Uji Matcha Strawberry Chocolate Truffles for Valentine 2016!! You have everything in one: yummy strawberries, covered with matcha chocolate, and the melty results of love into your mouth! This Valentine 2016 will be a blast if you decide to spice things further with these chocolates. [Contact us if you want them! These are sent in cool boxes though. Please take that into account before asking for them.]

These are modern and yet traditional chocolate truffles. Made with traditional matcha, they take a step further the traditional truffle recipe. A new taste to melt down into your mouth while you accompany them with hot green tea.

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Prepare the best Sailor Moon Valentine Day 2015

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If you want to prepare the best Sailor Moon Valentine Day 2015, you better start preparing for it right away! Make of this Valentine the best ever for your loved one! We propose you an unforgettable night with Sailor Moon and romanticism!

Planning for a romantic afternoon it’s easy with ARTism CHOCO ~Story of Moonlight~ from Premium Bandai. This box of chocolates is the perfect gift for Sailor Moon fans. Better get yours now, because they’re surely to sell out as February approaches!


And what best way to accompany the chocolates with a gorgeous Sailor Moon Tea Cup Set! Delicate and perfect for tea. Give this set along with ARTism CHOCOs and you’re going to rock this Valentine Day!


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Sailor Moon chocolates: ARTism CHOCO ~Story of Moonlight~ for Saint Valentine 2015

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Embrace yourselves because Premium Bandai has released the best present for this Saint Valentine 2015: Sailor Moon chocolates! ARTism CHOCO ~Story of Moonlight~ awesome chocolates!!! (Accompany this with some Sailor Moon jewellery and your beloved Sailor Moon love is going to be the happiest girl in the Universe!!!)

These are no ordinary chocolates! These are Sailor Moon chocolates. Each of them features designs from Sailor Moon, very delicate, sweet and cute. Not only the chocolates are also a delicacy, the looks of them are incredibly good!


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