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Robot Assembly Kit Rapiro! It’s cool! For a limited time only!

Cool news! You can now have your robot assembly kit Rapiro for a especial price (and for a very limited time only!) And he is cool! Take a look at the video above! Isn’t this robot cute!? All kids want one of these, but we as adults want them even more! No more lonely coffees during mornings. With Rapiro you can have a cool companion, and program him too.


Let’s take a closer look at him!

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Auction Wednesday: SUPER RARE Jumbo Machinder Grendizer Spazer (Lottery Prize)

It’s middle of the week, and it’s time to see what we got for this week’s featured item!
Behold Jumbo Machinder fans. This week on Yahoo Japan Auction, we have an extremely rare piece… Popy Jumbo Machinder Grendizer Spazer!





Some of you may already know that this item was not sold as a retail product, but a prize only given out to a few, selected lottery winners. This seller even has an original box that clearly shows it was a prize.


The lottery campaign was running when Grendizer’s Jumbo Machinder was being sold.
Therefore, it was designed to go with Grendizer. If you already have Grendizer, you can dock it with the Spazer, as shown in the following picture.
(*Photo below is borrowed from an external source as a reference: Toyboy DX. This is not the actual auction item.)



Supposedly if you are a small kid, you can sit on the Spazer and ride it, but if you want it as a collectible, maybe it’s not a good idea (especially since the current bid is already 2,200,000 yen).
If you are interested in acquiring this special Jumbo Machinder, you can place a bid via Rinkya Auction!

This auction will end on July 13th, 2014 at 11:57 in PDT.

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Chogokin Super Robot Featuring Doraemon, Dorami and More Fujiko F. Fujio Characters Arriving This Fall!


Do you like Doraemon? Do you like super robots?
This would be a perfect toy for you!

Chogokin Chogottai SF Robot Fujiko F. Fujio Characters is a combiner robot toy released from Bandai, based on characters from Fujiko F. Fujio manga. It’ll be released this November, and you can pre-order through Rinkya Direct starting today.

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Today’s Auction: Diaclone Robot Fortress X and 4 Bonus Diaclone Robots!


Today we have an auction listing for 80’s Diaclone Robot Fortress X! As a bonus, the seller is attaching four other Diaclone robots to go with it!



Diaclone is a line of toys produced by Takara (Takara Tomy of today) from 1980 to 1984. Unlike many of the transformer-type robots at the time, all of the Diaclone robots are original designs by Takara and independent from any TV shows or media.

Fortress X is the largest toy from Diaclone line and by far the most expensive one.


There is a slight wear on the box due to age, but all parts are complete and in good condition.
The four other toys that come with the bundle are: 1) No.1 Countach LP500S,  2) No.1 Countach Super Tuning,  3) Battle Convoy,  and 4) Dia-Attacker



This auction ends on November 14th, 2013 at 2:44 in PST.

1950’s Nomura Toys Mechanized Robby Robot

Mechanized Robby Robot by Nomura Toys is listed for auction! Inspired by Forbidden Planet, this battery-operated robot is one of the most highly praised toys made by Nomura Toys in 50’s, and also a very difficult collectible to find in good conditions.





As you can see, this robot is in an EXCELLENT condition. The box is not an original, unfortunately. It is a reproduction made from the original. The toy itself is still a great find!

The auction ends on October 6th, 2013 at 06:48 in PDT.

SUPER RARE! Popy Large-scale Big Falcon Base for Voltes V

A great find for Popy toys and Voltes V collectors!

Popy Large-scale Otorijima Big Falcon Base for Voltes V


popy-large-scale-voltes-v-big-falcon-base-rare-rinkya-japan2 popy-large-scale-voltes-v-big-falcon-base-rare-rinkya-japan3

(Voltes V on the left is not included in the set)

This is a SUPER RARE toy released from Popy. You rarely see this on eBay or Yahoo Japan Auction. It is even more difficult to find than Popynica Chogokin Big Falcon Base, which is already a rare item itself.
The five docks installed in this base can store Popy’s Volt Machines (sold separately), which makes it a neat way to display your Voltes V collection.

Since the auction photos don’t really show how it works, I pulled some photos from an external site to show what the inside looks like (please note this is not the same item as the one listed on the auction right now). These are photos taken by a collector from Fun to Toy.


You can see that it’s built almost like a parking lot for machines…


Inside the dock is decorated with cardboard, printed with interior patterns.


There aren’t many gimmicks to the base, but having an option to be able to dock individual Volt Machines in compartments makes it an attractive item to collectors.

Don’t miss this chance to add this to your collection! We’ve got 5 more days to bid!
Bid on Popy Large-scale Otorijima Big Falcon Base for Voltes V


Also, check out Popynica Chogokin Big Falcon Base too. It’s more commonly seen on auctions than the one mentioned above, but still a very nice, highly collectible toy.

Popynica Chogokin Otorijima Big Falcon Base

popynica-big-falcon-base-voltes-v-rinkya-japan2 popynica-big-falcon-base-voltes-v-rinkya-japan


Good luck bidding!
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In Japan, Pacific Rim Visual Guide Is Creating a Different Kind of Battle – Bidding War on Yahoo Japan Auction

Pacific Rim premiered in Japan on August 8th, and it’s already scoring 3 hundred million yen (~US$3M) for Japanese box office in 3 days! With all the super robots and kaijus rampaging on large screens, it’s not surprising that Japanese people fell in love with the film.

And of course, as customary for Japanese marketing, limited edition items related to the film are being released, in which Japanese fans cannot resist!
Currently, especially sought after among Japanese fans is a book called “Pacific Rim Visual Guide,” which is a translated version of what’s originally titled Pacific Rim: Man, Machines, and Monster in English by David S. Cohen.

This is the cover for the Japanese version, translated and released from ShoPro Books.


pacific-rim-visual-guide-japanese-shopro-rinkya-japan pacific-rim-visual-guide-japanese-shopro-rinkya-japan2 pacific-rim-visual-guide-japanese-shopro-rinkya-japan3


It contains beautiful concept sketches, commentary, director’s notes, behind-the-scene stories, all the good stuff. On Amazon Japan, Pacific Rim Visual Guide sold out quickly after the film’s successful opening. Right now, it’s being sold for whooping 14,000 yen at Amazon Marketplace. Wow, that’s quite a jump, since the original English version is still being sold for under $30 (although the English version seems to be out of stock at the moment too and takes months to get a reprint). This rise in price is due to the small number of prints in Japan. Only 3,000 of Pacific Rim Visual Guides were printed in total, while 200,000 people have already gone to see the film in the first 3 days.

On Yahoo Japan Auction, the price for Visual Guide is less ridiculous, ranging from 6000-8000 yen, but it’s fiercely competed and creating quite a bidding war, a different kind of war than defeating a giant monster from the ocean!



If you are a fan, could you resist the urge to add this to your collection? Or are you happy with just the movie experience? Japanese people certainly are prone to exclusive items and limited edition collectibles!

If you are interested in joining the war, check out all listings on Pacific Rim Visual Guide from the Bid Now button below!

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Pacific Rim Japanese Premiere Will Be in August, Get Japan Exclusive Promo Items and Trading Cards


Pacific Rim Hits US theaters this week! Is everyone ready for the biggest giant robot fight of the year? Directed by Guillermo del Toro, a huge Japanese robot anime fan himself, and with Rinko Kikuchi and many famous super robot seiyuus (for dubbing) such as Shuuichi Ikeda (Char Aznable), Toru Furuya (Amuro Ray), and Megumi Hayashibara (Rei Ayanami) involved in the film, both Japanese fans and western robot fans have been anticipating for its release.
Pacific Rim will not be in Japanese theaters until August, but as customary of films released in Japan, theaters give away exclusive pamphlets, flyers, collectibles to viewers who purchase movie tickets in advance.

For Pacific Rim, here are some exclusive items for advance ticket viewers.

Pacific Rim Japan Exclusive Trading Cards


Photo source: Kotaku

This is a set of 5 trading cards featuring different Jaegars. The cards are the same as the ones released in US at Wonder Con, except these have been localized to Japanese audience, making them extra special! It comes in a very nice package too…



And of course, we have a Japan exclusive flyer…

pacific-rim-japan-exclusive-flyer-rinkya pacific-rim-japan-exclusive-flyer-rinkya2 pacific-rim-japan-exclusive-flyer-rinkya3

There’s two types to the Japan Exclusive Flyer. Here’s another one

pacific-rim-japan-exclusive-flyer-rinkya4 pacific-rim-japan-exclusive-flyer-rinkya5


Many super robot creators from Japan who’ve watched it highly praised the film too, including Go Nagai (Mazinger Z), Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Evangelion), Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid), and the list goes on. I can’t wait to see it!

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Enjoy the film!

It’s Mickey Mouse Transformer! Chogokin King Robot Mecha Mickey and his Friends

Tmashii Nations, Bandai’s collectible toy brand, presents an innovative and unique robot in collaboration with Disney’s most celebrated character: Mickey Mouse.

disneychogokin2 disneychogokin

Chogokin Chogattai King Robot Mickey & Friends are 7 individual character figures that can be transformed and combined to form a one giant robot. The team members are: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, and Steamboat Willie.

When you look close, you can see intricate details they put in making them.
For example, inside mecha Mickey’s eyes you can actually see a small Mickey Mouse piloting the robot… sweet!


They even made a really cool promotional video to go with it. It’s worth watching just for the transformation sequence.


Chogokin King Robot Mickey & Friends will start selling tomorrow (March 30th), but you can start pre-ordering from our Rinkya Store now!

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