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Grab Rinkya Banners to add to your site!

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Now you can grab Rinkya banners and add them to your site! They’re simple and yet super cool! You only need to copy and paste the code for the one you like to use. We know that blogging is an art, and we also know that cute banners make all the difference for your site to be perfect. So, we have here some examples for you to use freely. We start with the biggest banner. If you want to use this banner, copy and paste the code below.

Still not sure about this banner? We have other sizes that you might like!

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Rinkya News: Holiday Schedule for Rinkya!

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We have some Rinkya News for you regarding our Holiday Schedule. From December 23rd to 30th shipping will slow down and service will wind down for the holidays until we hit December 31st to January 8th, when the shipping department will be closed for the holidays. This only affects shipping, but you can keep on bidding for your favorite items! As soon as our elves have got their rest, we’ll be shipping all your orders as usual.

Thank you for your patience while our elves get a little bit of rest! Happy Holidays!

Rinkya News: Drinking Girls a new manga about 29-year-old Japanese Women

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We needed this! A new manga about 29-year-old Japanese women is out, and it rocks! It’s called Drinking Girls (Nomi Joshi) and it’s written by Ukatsu (Careless). It has debuted on Manga Club on July 4 and it rocks! It’s about three friends who are aged 29 years old, and who get together to drink beer. These three gorgeous friends are Michiko Takase, an OL (Office Lady), Misono Miyauchi, a store worker and Shinonome, a housewife. While Michiko loves beer, Misono loves sake, and Shinonome drinks about everything! So, what is the manga all about? The adventures of these three friends who enjoy drinking together visiting different traditional Japanese spots like: onsen, small izakaya, etc. They also enjoy beer gardens and other type of drinks!

Interested? You should! This manga is a great opportunity to keep an eye on what women might do for getting fun in Japan.

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