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Know all about Rinkya Community Auctions (Internal Bids)

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Did you know that you can safe tons of money with Rinkya Community Auctions (Internal Bids)? You save money by bidding against Rinkya bidders.

Rinkya Community bids (e.g. bids between Rinkya members) function exactly like normal bids, except that a different pricing strategy is adopted for any amounts above the final Yahoo Japan price.

Up until the price the item is won at on YJ, all normal pricing rules apply (with the exception that no sales are applied). For the amount between the Rinkya won price, and the YJ won price, a much cheaper exchange rate of 250 is used. Meaning you pay $1 for every 250 yen that the price is over the Yahoo Japan price.

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Hot news: Xmas holidays in Rinkya

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We’ve got hot news!! Xmas holidays in Rinkya will come soon. Please check out the following dates so that you don’t miss anything!

Our Warehouse will be in Xmas holidays from December 29, 2014 to January 8, 2015.

The last day to request an order in our system is December 12, 2015. Starts again in January!! Yay!

You can bid as usual and comment in our social media.

Stay tuned though, we have prepared some awesome Xmas for you! Follow us in our social media 😉

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Discover Rinkya Direct Stores

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Do you know Rinkya Direct Stores? Not yet? Rinkya Direct Stores is a place in Rinkya where you can buy great Japanese goodies, some of which are for pre-ordering. These items are usually bought and sent within Japan. Rinkya Direct enables you to purchase those items from abroad! There are exclusive items for pre-order from Premium Bandai, Kotobukiya, GoodSmile, etc. You can pre-order goodies before they are sold. Some of the items get so famous that are sold before they even get sold into the market! Thus, pre-ordering them is a guarantee to really getting them.

We are creating a great selection of different items for you to buy and pre-order through Rinkya Direct. You can find Sailor Moon, Creamy Mami, Bishoujo Figures, Japanese Fashion and Design, etc.

So, how does it work?

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