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Kumamon and Rilakkuma team up with Lawson Japan

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Kumamon and Rilakkuma team up with Lawson Japan. From December 2016, you can find items like Ehumaki for Setsubun, with Rilakkuma and Kumamon. The Kumamon Naga Roll (420 yen including tax) is about 30cm. It has whipped cream, raw chocolate, fruits and also has cocoa flavor.

You can also find Setsubun Rilakkuma mini mochi rolls for 450 yen including tax. This set has strawberry and pudding flavors. One set has two types of roll cakes. Each measures about 4.5cm in diameter and about 9cm in length. It also includes a limited sticker.

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Lawson x Rilakkuma Collaboration. Too cute to resist!

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Lawson x Rilakkuma Collaboration. Too cute to resist! Lawson has launched a new collaboration with Rilakkuma, super cute Japanese sweets. They’ll available throughout the whole country (excluding Okinawa) from April 26. Each will cost 389 yen, tax included. Beware though: numbers are limited!

Be quick and enjoy relaxing Rilakkuma sweets with pudding taste. Korilakkuma, however, has a milk taste.

Let’s take a closer look at these super cute and tasty Lawson Rilakkuma Japanese sweets!

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Kawaii News: Rilakkuma Store Kichijoji limited event with Sumikkogurashi Shrine

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Great Kawaii News! A cool Rilakkuma Store Kichijoji limited event is on the works with Sumikkogurashi Shrine! From December 22, 2015 (Tuesday) to January 7, 2016 (Thursday) you’ll be able to enjoy a super cute Sumikkogurashi Shrine event at the Rilakkuma store in Kichijoji. It will be held at the Kopisu Kichijoji Hall, fifth floor, event space. There will be a super kawaii Sumikkogurashi goods corner at the Rilakkuma store in Kichijoji. You’ll be able to purchase ema stickers, and many New Year related goods! Ema stickers are limited. You can decorate them as you please, and write your messages as well. You can also pray for the good things to come during 2016!

If you’re travelling in Japan during this winter vacations, take your chance and visit the Rilakkuma store in Kichijoji. Take the chance to visit one of the most intriguing parts of Tokyo while making sure to fill in all the kawaii atmosphere that Rilakkuma can offer to you. Kichijoji has a lot to offer, besides Rilakkuma items. It has a great park, and a wonderful collection of restaurants and coffee shops to enjoy. It’s a place to loose oneself walking and taking tons of pictures as well. So, if you happen to go, remember to walk all around Kichijoji and stopping by the Rilakkuma Store. You’ll find amazing things!

Do you need more information? Contact the Rilakkuma Store Kichijoji (TEL 0422-29-2155). Do you want Rilakkuma-related goods? Go here and surf all we have to offer in Rinkya!

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Image source: San-X

Mister Donut Japan x Rilakkuma Xmas 2015 Special Donuts & Surprises

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Great news! Mister Donut Japan is having a Rilakkuma Xmas 2015 special with limited edition donuts and surprises! You will be able to find limited donuts from November 10 to December 25, 2015. Misdo and Rilakkuma collaboration starts on November 24 and will last till December 25. You’ll be able to get a super cute Misdo Rilakkuma Xmas set!

But if you can’t make it for Xmas in Japan, don’t worry, we can help you in getting super cute Rilakkuma goodies. Just take a look here, and get the one item you love the most!

Let’s discover Misdo’s menu for this Xmas!

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Bento Friday: Santa Rilakkuma and Reindeer Korilakkuma



Happy Friday!
This is the last Friday bento before the Christmas Day.
Today we have a couple of adorable riceballs featuring Rilakkuma in Santa hat and Korilakkuma with reindeer antlers.

The Christmas items are pretty simple to make, according to the bento artist momo.



The red sausage is cut in half for the Santa hat. Then decorate it with a thin piece of sliced cheese. The top part is the scooped out of a block of cheese.



The reindeer antlers are made of smoked cheese. Cut it in the shape of antlers. Stick pasta in the antlers and the hat, and place them on Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma inarizushi!