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Q-pot Early Spring Collection is super cute! Take a sneak peak!

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Q-pot Early Spring Collection is here and it’s super cute! Let’s take a sneak peak together and get amazed with Q-pot’s new yummy x fashionable collection! Q-pot is releasing a new Easter collection with bunnies, cupcakes, macaroons, easter eggs, etc. These fashion items are super cute and a great complement to have with you all the time. They’ll be available for purchase on March 2, 2016. So, stay tuned! You can get all of them through Rinkya!

So, what’s in the new collection of Q-pot!?

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OUAT/ Once Upon A Time: Snow White & Evil Queen Poison Apple Necklaces from Q-pot

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OUAT/ Once Upon A Time fans rejoice! Snow White & Evil Queen Poison Apple Necklaces from Q-pot are here and they’re super cute! These super cute necklaces are the best option for Snow White and the Evil Queen lovers. Let’s start with Snow White’s poison apple necklace! It’s a beauty! The Snow White / Meruti Poison Apple Necklace has been imagined by Q-pot for you to enjoy! The apple looks yummy, the hero in the apple is amazing, but we all know what happens with that apple! This time, however, to remember our favorite hero, we’re going to enjoy this awesome necklace! It’s made of polyester, SW, brass, and high metal. The chain measures 65.0cm, the adjuster, 5.0cm and the motif H4.3 × W3.8 × D3.3cm. Don’t miss the opportunity to have this gorgeous necklace! Items are going to sell out soon! We recommend you to buy yours as soon as possible to make sure you get one.


Let’s get a closer look at it together and discover the Evil Queen’s necklace!

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Q-pot Cafe Super Cute Xmas Menu is here!

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Q-pot Cafe Super Cute Xmas Menu is here! Not only it is yummy, but it is also super cute! Embrace yourselves, because this is the cutest menu ever. It has style, it is delicious and it has appeal. This is the perfect menu to take during the afternoon with a smooth coffee. The first item on the menu is the powdered sugar snowman dish. It has a kawaii sugar snowman to make you giggle while you eat. [2,060 yen (tax included)]

Let’s discover more about it and the other super cool dishes!

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Q-pot spooky-cute items for Halloween: welcome Ghost-chan!

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Great News! Q-pot spooky-cute items for Halloween are to die for! Say welcome Ghost-chan! This Halloween line of jewelry is amazing and perfect for Halloween, Cosplay or for any occasion if you like cute little ghosts. You can have any of them through Rinkya. Just contact us before they’re all sold out. We begin our spooky-cute adventure with a mischievous little ghost who ate a candy! You have a ribbon charm and also a Tiny tricky ghost that ate a tiny candy.

Velour Ribbon Charm 4,500 yen + tax
Tricky Ghost that ate a candy necklace 16,000 yen + tax

Let’s discover the rest of them!

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