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Auction Wednesday: SUPER RARE Jumbo Machinder Grendizer Spazer (Lottery Prize)

It’s middle of the week, and it’s time to see what we got for this week’s featured item!
Behold Jumbo Machinder fans. This week on Yahoo Japan Auction, we have an extremely rare piece… Popy Jumbo Machinder Grendizer Spazer!





Some of you may already know that this item was not sold as a retail product, but a prize only given out to a few, selected lottery winners. This seller even has an original box that clearly shows it was a prize.


The lottery campaign was running when Grendizer’s Jumbo Machinder was being sold.
Therefore, it was designed to go with Grendizer. If you already have Grendizer, you can dock it with the Spazer, as shown in the following picture.
(*Photo below is borrowed from an external source as a reference: Toyboy DX. This is not the actual auction item.)



Supposedly if you are a small kid, you can sit on the Spazer and ride it, but if you want it as a collectible, maybe it’s not a good idea (especially since the current bid is already 2,200,000 yen).
If you are interested in acquiring this special Jumbo Machinder, you can place a bid via Rinkya Auction!

This auction will end on July 13th, 2014 at 11:57 in PDT.

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Auction Wednesday: Popy Jumbo Machinder Getter Robo Getter 3


Jumbo Machinder fan should check this out!
Popy Jumbo Machinder Getter 3 is currently available for bid on Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya.
It is one of the most highly sought after Jumbo Machinder toys out there.
Starting price is 400,000 yen. See all the photos and carefully read descriptions on the auction detail page before bidding.

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SUPER RARE! Popy Large-scale Big Falcon Base for Voltes V

A great find for Popy toys and Voltes V collectors!

Popy Large-scale Otorijima Big Falcon Base for Voltes V


popy-large-scale-voltes-v-big-falcon-base-rare-rinkya-japan2 popy-large-scale-voltes-v-big-falcon-base-rare-rinkya-japan3

(Voltes V on the left is not included in the set)

This is a SUPER RARE toy released from Popy. You rarely see this on eBay or Yahoo Japan Auction. It is even more difficult to find than Popynica Chogokin Big Falcon Base, which is already a rare item itself.
The five docks installed in this base can store Popy’s Volt Machines (sold separately), which makes it a neat way to display your Voltes V collection.

Since the auction photos don’t really show how it works, I pulled some photos from an external site to show what the inside looks like (please note this is not the same item as the one listed on the auction right now). These are photos taken by a collector from Fun to Toy.


You can see that it’s built almost like a parking lot for machines…


Inside the dock is decorated with cardboard, printed with interior patterns.


There aren’t many gimmicks to the base, but having an option to be able to dock individual Volt Machines in compartments makes it an attractive item to collectors.

Don’t miss this chance to add this to your collection! We’ve got 5 more days to bid!
Bid on Popy Large-scale Otorijima Big Falcon Base for Voltes V


Also, check out Popynica Chogokin Big Falcon Base too. It’s more commonly seen on auctions than the one mentioned above, but still a very nice, highly collectible toy.

Popynica Chogokin Otorijima Big Falcon Base

popynica-big-falcon-base-voltes-v-rinkya-japan2 popynica-big-falcon-base-voltes-v-rinkya-japan


Good luck bidding!
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Launch jets, missiles, and Great Mazinger! 70’s Vintage Popy Science Fortress Base Has Lots of Gimmicks to Entertain You!

Picture source: wiki

Great item for Great Mazinger and Popy toy collectors!
There has been many toys featuring Great Mazinger’s Science Fortress in the past, but this set currently listed on Yahoo Japan Auction is one of the most highly acclaimed ones among them.

Vintage Great Mazinger Science Fortress Base from Popy Popinica 1970’s


The set has many cool gimmicks and accessories. It includes two Brain Condor jets. You can dock Brain Condors inside the island and launch them as you wish. Missiles fire from the base’s front, and you can even launch a little Great Mazinger on the side.


The set includes:

  • Fortress Base
  • A bridge
  • An Island
  • A Great Mazinger
  • 2 Venus A
  • 4 Brain Condors
  • 4 Missiles

It’s listed from a seller with good reputation, and comes with an original box. Only 3 days left, so make sure to watch it!

Bid on 70’s Popy Popinica Great Mazinger Science Fortress Base via Rinkya

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Iron Man of Japan! Popy Chogokin Space Ironmen Kyodine Toys

Space Ironmen Kyodine is one of the many Toei tokusatsu sci-fi shows that ran on TV in 70s.
As the title suggests (kyodai means brothers), Kyodine are two cyborg brothers Skyzel and  Grounzel who fight against invading alien army and protects Earth and their younger human brother.

Today we have three Popy Chogokin toys in great conditions featuring Kyodine brothers and their alternate, transformed look, Skyjet and Groun Missile!

Popy Chogokin Kyodine Skyzel – the older brother! 

kyodine-skyzel kyodine-skyzel2 kyodine-skyzel3

Popy Chogokin Kyodine Grounzel – the younger brother

kyodine-grounzel kyodine-grounzel3 kyodine-grounzel2


And here comes their awesome jet form.

Popy Chogokin Kyodine Skyjet and Grounmissile 

kyodine-skyjet1 kyodine-skyjet3 kyodine-skyjet2

All three toys are dead stock items. As you can see, there’re little dents in packaging but overall fantastic conditions. All are sold by the same seller with good reputation. Use this opportunity to get all three of them!

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