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“Pokémon” shows Ash and Charizard through the Years and it rocks!

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“Pokémon” shows Ash and Charizard through the Years and it rocks! The official Pokémon Youtube channel has released a video where we can enjoy Ash and Charizard through the ages. Charamander (aka Charizard) was abandoned by his trainer because he was too weak. Luckily, Ash made him part of his team. To cherish this fruitful and happy team, the official Pokémon Youtube channel has given us as present several scenes from their adventures.

Let’s take a look!

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Put a Eevee Pokemon Computer Cushion Plush to work!

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Tired of working in front of the computer? No problem! Put a Eevee Pokemon Computer Cushion Plush to work! Premium Bandai is taking pre-orders for this amazing Eevee Computer Cushion plush. If you want one of them, Rinkya is here to help you in getting yours. This furry Eevee will help you work in front of the computer and stop having that awful pain on your hands. Eevee will help preventing pain during long typing sessions while working.

Let’s take a closer look at her!

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Fan Art: Artist envisions the humanized version of Pokémon

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We have great fan art for you this week! Artist envisions the humanized version of Pokémon and they rock. South Korean illustrator Tamtamdi, currently living in California, reimagines Pokémon as humans and they’re super cute. Tamtamdi has already made 254 different Pokémon! That’s a lot of different Pokémon! According to Bored Panda, Tamtamdi needs from 30 minutes to 1 hour to finish one Pokémon drawing. Plus, it took the artist around a year to complete this amazing fanart collection. But wait, Tamtamdi is still drawing Pokémons like Tangela.

One must ask if people would want to catch them all if they look humanized. Would you catch Tangela? Or would you be friends with her?

Let’s discover some of Tamtamdi’s Pokémon!

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Pokémon Go Craze: Pokémon Theme In 20 Styles Of The Late 90s

The Pokémon Go craze is creating a tornado of creativity around the world, like this video with the Pokémon theme in 20 styles of the late 90s. If you lived through the 90s, or if you like old times, this video is going to make you travel back through time. It’s funny, amazing, and at the same time thrilling. The 90s nostalgia is alive thanks to Pokémon Go. What once was super embarrassing, now is super hot fashion. Although, one must admit that some of the music styles of the 90s were rather peculiar.

Vincent starts the video with the original track, but soon the makes different variations of the theme, covering artists like The Beastie Boys, Bjork, Blink-182, Aqua and Destiny’s Child, among others. All in all, this is a great video for the 90s nerds.

Now the question is: how many Pokémon Go fans will use this as a soundtrack for catching their Pokémons?

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Pokémon craze asking for a Pokémon live-action movie!

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Pokémon craze asking for a Pokémon live-action movie! While almost the rest of the world is enjoying Pokémon Go, Japan is still waiting for its launch. However, there are some that are starting to want something else from all this craze: a movie! Someone in Hollywood, Legendary Pictures, is showing interest in adapting it. What we know so far is that Pokémon Go is a great success hit for Nintendo. So much so, that in a week Nintendo’s stock has high-rocketed, and the app is more used than Tinder! Not only people are having tons of fun playing it, but it’s also helping people exercise and have the will to go out there. Thus, when you have a hit success like that, it’s not surprising at all that Hollywood wants to capitalize on that.

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Fandom crossovers, let’s have fun and guess them!

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This week’s fandom crossovers are really funny! Fan art is cool and awesome. Let’s begin! Our first fandom crossover is about a Nordic Trickster God and a famous anime character! Take a long look to the picture. Do you know who they are? (Of course you do!)

Anyway here you have some hints:
1. One is a Trickster God
2. You go from Asgard to Midgard using a Rainbow (cool technology!)
3. The anime character is also a changeling!

I am sure you’ve guessed who they are by now!

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Pokemon: funny CaramellDansen

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Do you CaramellDansen with Pokemon? And with Pikachu? Now you can! Today we have a very cute CaramellDansen with Pokemon characters, and of course, one with Pikachu! CaramellDansen is originally sang in Swedish, but, we found an English version with Pokemon! (The Pikachu version we have today is in the original language).

So, you can sing along with Pokemon and Pikachu, or you can CaramellDansen with them! You only need to move your hands and hips in the same way! Let’s give it a try in English first! (Please, look carefully how the characters dance so you can do it too.)

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Enjoy World Cup with Pokemon! Pikachu JFA Ambassador Merchandises


Pikachu has been selected as one of the official ambassadors of Japan Football Association in World Cup 2014. Even though Japan has lost in its first game, Pikachu and his friends will continue to support best of Japan team. He’s even collaborated with Adidas and Takara Tomy to release a series of soccer related merchandises!

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Bento Friday: Perhaps the Smallest Gyudon in the World, and It Has Pikachu on It!

Happy Friday!
This week’s bento is not technically a bento, because it’s not in a lunch box.
Rather, it’s a gyudon (beef bowl). However, it’s not an ordinary gyudon!

First of all, it is absolutely cute. It’s got Pikachu made of a boiled egg on top of it!

pikachu-miniature-gyudon-rinkya-japan3 pikachu-miniature-gyudon-rinkya-japan


But there’s more than just being cute.

It’s actually a tiny, miniature beef bowl.



On the right is a normal egg.
Now, can you see how small the dish is?
The chopsticks are actually made of toothpicks, and Pikachu is made of a quail egg, which is very small compared to a normal egg from chicken.

The tiny bowl used for this dish is actually a recycled plastic container from ramune granule candies.

pikachu-miniature-gyudon-rinkya-japan4 pikachu-miniature-gyudon-rinkya-japan5


It may not be enough to fill your stomach, but it’ll certainly entertain your eyes!

Bento source: Love Cecil