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Glico’s Champagne Pocky, Caplico and Almond Premio are delicacies

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If you loved Whiskey Pokey you’re going to love Glico’s Champagne Pocky, Caplico and Almond Premio. These new Glico alcoholic sweets contain real champagne! Glico is a Japanese sweet confectionery famous for Pocky chocolates. During New Year the company is releasing a new delicacy with champagne as one of the key ingredients. This is a sweet collaboration between Glico and famous pastry chef Hironobu Tsujiguchi, famous in Japan for his sweet creations.

One of the products that will be graced with champagne, is Glico’s Almond Premio. Champagne gives them a refreshing taste and an amazing aroma.

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New Açaí Berry and Coconut Flavored Pocky to be Released

From May 27th, confectionery company Glico will release two limited edition Pocky snack for this summer.



Berry Carnival Pocky is a brand new flavor that’s never been released before. Coated with cream made of abundant açaí berries and strawberries, Berry Carnival Pocky has hint our fresh sourness that makes it a perfect sweet for hot summer.

Coconut Pocky is covered with creamy milk chocolate mixed with crunchy coconut flakes. Coconut Pocky first appeared on store shelves in summer of 1995. Fan’s favorite seasonal Pocky returns with a new packaging inspired by resort beaches.

Each box of Pocky will be sold for about 143 yen (before tax).

Source: MyNavi News