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Sanji from One Piece: You Need Him in Your Collection

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As you already know, One Piece is one of the most popular manga and anime series worldwide. It has sold millions of copies each year and has even made the New York best seller’s list for books several times in a row. It all started in July of 1997 when creator Eiichiro Oda had the series serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump. He envisioned his manga to end within 5 years. However, as more ideas came into his mind, he just continued writing and drawing the manga we know now today after over 15 years. The anime first aired 2 years after the manga was published in October of 1999. So far the anime has 727 episodes as well as 12 movies with another on the way titled “One Piece Film: Gold” coming out this year in July.

We won’t talk about One Piece today, but about one of the favorite lady’s man and chef Sanji! The Straw Hat crew would probably go hungry without his extraordinary cooking skills! Despite having a fun and electric personality, when it comes down to serious issues he is always beside his crew. In the latest issue of Shueisha’s Shounen Weekly, the truth about Sanji’s real name was revealed in One Piece chapter 812. In honor of this we want to explore with you some of the awesome figures that are a perfect match for all Sanji lovers. Let’s go for it!

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Favorite Figurines: Chopper from One Piece

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Among all my favorite figurines from different anime, Chopper from One Piece is perhaps one of the finest. If you are a fan of One Piece, I am sure that you know well who the Chopper is and how cute and badass he is. Today, we’re going to discover everyone’s favorite reindeer Tony Tony Chopper from a collectible point of view. If you’re looking for Xmas presents for someone who loves this character, make sure to check all the figures on this list!

We start with Figuarts ZERO – Tony Tony Chopper -5th Anniversary Edition-. This figure is from Bandai’s Figuarts Zero line. It came out earlier this year in August. He stands 2.5 inches tall and perfectly resembles Chopper’s cheerful manner. It is the perfect figure to celebrate the 5th anniversary.


Let’s take a look at the other cool Chopper figurines!

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One Piece CaramellDansen

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Today we have another crazy idea for Halloween: One Piece CaramellDansen! So, if you are planning to cosplay as any character of One Piece, and do it with your friends… Why not adding CaramellDansen to the equation? It will be fun! (If you click on the image above, you’ll find a funny video).

What do you need for this endeavor? You need to cosplay as your favorite One Piece character. Then you also need CaramellDansen track and be eager to move your body with the sound of the music! Yup, as simple!

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Bento Friday: ONE PIECE Luffy Bento

Happy Friday!
Had a long week? Maybe a nice meal as a treat would help you!
This week’s bento is Luffy from ONE PIECE. It’s not only cute, but nutritiously balanced.




It has rice, egg, lots of fresh veggies, and meat.
Even hungry Luffy would be satisfied with this bento!

Have a nice weekend!

Source: Bento Mania

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Bento Friday: ONE PIECE Roronoa Zoro Bento

Happy Friday!
Today’s bento is Roronoa Zoro from ONE PIECE.



Wow, how handsome… I immediately fell in love with this bento!
All the color used for the side dishes makes it a beautiful meal to look at.



See him a little closer!
This Zoro is made of ham (skin), nori seaweed (line), spinach omelette, and hanpen fish cake (shirt).

Have a great weekend!

Bento Source: Hina Mama

Epic Manga Meat Is Now Available As a Sweet Pastry

When you see a dining scene in manga and anime, meat on the bone seems to be a popular choice of meal, and it always has that particular shape and looks for some reason.

manga-meat-roll-cake-rinkya-japan10 manga-meat-roll-cake-rinkya-japan7



Have you ever wondered what manga meat tastes like? It certainly looks good when all the characters munch on them so hungrily.
A Japanese company Kawabun actually made “Manga Meat,” an accurate real-life replica of that delicious meat on the bone w always see in 2D.


The bottom photo is the actual product. Notice it’s got kind of a fluffy texture?
It’s actually made of Baumkuchen, a sweet German-style cake that is particularly popular in Japan. I’m not quite sure what they were trying to accomplish by turning meat into a cake, but it would be a great joke gift and a birthday present for sure!

You can order from a single serving of manga meat for 1,260 yen, to 3 servings, 6 servings, 10 servings, and 15 servings. Wow, it gets crazy pretty fast!



The bone part is made of plastic, so you can eat it, by the way… You can keep it after eating the cake.

Bento Friday: ONE PIECE Luffy Bento – Amazing Seaweed Art



Happy Friday! Today I’m featuring bento artist Yurin‘s ONE PIECE bentos.
She’s amazing at her nori bento, all of the above bentos were made with nori seaweed!

one-piece-luffy-bento-rinkya-japan one-piece-luffy-bento-rinkya-japan5 one-piece-luffy-bento-rinkya-japan4 one-piece-luffy-bento-rinkya-japan3

Thanks to Yurin, we get to see her little tutorial on how to make a cool character bento with nori!



First, photocopy a design of your choice in black and white. Enlarge or shrink depending on the size you want.



Place a sheet of nori underneath the art. Hold them together with a clip.



Start cutting necessary pieces (where it’s going to be white) with an X-acto knife.
Make sure you keep all the little parts that are disconnected from the rest of the nori in a secure spot. (like eyes, mouth, the scar on his cheek, etc….make sure you don’t lose them!)



There will be cut-out parts that are going to be used in the final art (eyes, mouth, etc) and parts that don’t end up in the final art. Keep them apart from each other so you don’t get confused at the end.



Beautifully done!





Place the nori on a piece of sliced cheese carefully. For small, individual parts, you have to look at the original art and make a best guess on where they should go. Press the nori gently with the side of the knife to make sure it doesn’t fall off easily.



Die-cut the cheese with a toothpick or an x-acto.



Place it on a piece of ham. This will add rigidity to the nori art. Cut out the unnecessary part of the ham.



Place your nori art on top of rice. Add some sides to go with, and you are done!

Wow, looks so cute and yummy!
If anyone tried this method, let us know! We’d love to see your bentos, and with your permission we will feature it on our blog! :)

Have a great weekend!

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