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Grab Rinkya Banners to add to your site!

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Now you can grab Rinkya banners and add them to your site! They’re simple and yet super cool! You only need to copy and paste the code for the one you like to use. We know that blogging is an art, and we also know that cute banners make all the difference for your site to be perfect. So, we have here some examples for you to use freely. We start with the biggest banner. If you want to use this banner, copy and paste the code below.

Still not sure about this banner? We have other sizes that you might like!

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Know all about Rinkya Community Auctions (Internal Bids)

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Did you know that you can safe tons of money with Rinkya Community Auctions (Internal Bids)? You save money by bidding against Rinkya bidders.

Rinkya Community bids (e.g. bids between Rinkya members) function exactly like normal bids, except that a different pricing strategy is adopted for any amounts above the final Yahoo Japan price.

Up until the price the item is won at on YJ, all normal pricing rules apply (with the exception that no sales are applied). For the amount between the Rinkya won price, and the YJ won price, a much cheaper exchange rate of 250 is used. Meaning you pay $1 for every 250 yen that the price is over the Yahoo Japan price.

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Kirin Tanrei Green Label Asoberu Design Limited Can

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The Kirin Tanrei Green Label Asoberu Design Limited Can is here! This limited edition of Kirin Beer’s “Happy Sake” Tanrei Green Lavel is on sale since December 6. There is a 2D QR code hidden in the Nordic style design, so that you can enjoy special content online such as manga and games.

The online contents includes original manga “Manga Midori,” a Haneko game and a musical video. The Manga Midori can have different endings depending on the number of people that reads it. The Haneko game can be played by 4 different players on a smartphone. And the music video is from “4 GREEN HAGOITA.”

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Rinkya warehouse will be *closed December 30th and reopen January 12th.

During this time, only ship requests will not be handled, everything else is working at Rinkya, you may still bid and contact customer service. Your packages will resume shipment January 12th.

For delivery in time for Christmas, please make your ship requests by December 12th.

If you’d like to get your packages out before the staff vacation, please request by December 25th.

***If your item is large and complicated, we cannot guarantee packing dates, but our Rinkya elves will do their best! Thank you and have a Happy Holiday!

Let’s Take a First Look at Nintendo Switch

Let’s take a first look at Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s new home gaming system. After months in the dark with tons of speculation about what Nintendo would do, we’re now able to see this wonderful preview. This new home console hybrid is amazing: it’s like a PlayStation Vita, but it also is like a tablet! You can play with Nintendo Switch at home, but you can use it as a mobile console wherever you are. The console seems to include a tablet with docks for experiencing it as a traditional console and a new ultimate experience.

Since it has detachable controller modules, the console can be used by two people when outside home (or more if other people have another Nintendo Switch). The tablet also supports cartridges, so it seems that it will have a DS games feelings as well. But, we’ll need more information from Nintendo in the future. Will all games come in cartridges? Or, downloading will also be an option?

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A Somber Message From Rinkya on the Passing of Elaine Russell – Rinkya CFO and mom

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June 30th, 2016, Elaine Russell, CFO of Rinkya, my mother, Laurel’s and Scott’s mother, passed away.

Elaine-san was loved by everyone here at Rinkya and her passing has hit us all very hard, especially her children – Scott, Laurel and myself. We also know there are many of you that also had a very close relationship with her. This message is for you.

Elaine loved getting to know all of you. What you bought, why you bought it, what you were doing outside of Rinkya and what she could do to make Rinkya better for you. She often shared many stories of your personal lives with me and it made me feel like we really built something special. She made Rinkya something special, more than just a company – a home and a family. She lived and breathed this company because it was for her children.

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Behold! The New Godzilla And Yomiuri Giants Collaboration is here! Beware Chunichi Dragons!!!

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Behold! The New Godzilla And Yomiuri Giants Collaboration is here! Beware Chunichi Dragons!!! The New Godzilla has partenered with Yomiuri Giants for June 29 game at Tokyo Dome. Yomiuri Giants will face Nagano’s Chunichi Dragons, with a plus: Yomiuri Giants have Godzilla! So, if you are waiting and dying to watch the New Godzilla (aka Godzilla Resurgence) on July 29, you can start feeling Godzilla’s presence during this match! So, what does this fierceful collaboration entail? What does it include? A real appearance of the giant Godzilla?

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Learn how to code with Code Girl Collection, the game!

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Learn how to code with Code Girl Collection, the game! No more procrastinating! Now coding is easy thanks to Code Girl Collection, a new browser game from Paiza. You have moe characters that will help you code! Players will be able to learn basic programming lessons.

This new pc programming learning game will help you learn languages like PHP and Ruby. And if you want, from June you’ll be also able to learn how to code in Python! So, while you enjoy the moe world, you’re also learning how to code!

Let’s learn more about it!

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