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Bento Friday: Perhaps the Smallest Gyudon in the World, and It Has Pikachu on It!

Happy Friday!
This week’s bento is not technically a bento, because it’s not in a lunch box.
Rather, it’s a gyudon (beef bowl). However, it’s not an ordinary gyudon!

First of all, it is absolutely cute. It’s got Pikachu made of a boiled egg on top of it!

pikachu-miniature-gyudon-rinkya-japan3 pikachu-miniature-gyudon-rinkya-japan


But there’s more than just being cute.

It’s actually a tiny, miniature beef bowl.



On the right is a normal egg.
Now, can you see how small the dish is?
The chopsticks are actually made of toothpicks, and Pikachu is made of a quail egg, which is very small compared to a normal egg from chicken.

The tiny bowl used for this dish is actually a recycled plastic container from ramune granule candies.

pikachu-miniature-gyudon-rinkya-japan4 pikachu-miniature-gyudon-rinkya-japan5


It may not be enough to fill your stomach, but it’ll certainly entertain your eyes!

Bento source: Love Cecil