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Exclusive Merchandises from Disney D23 Expo Japan! Samantha Thavasa x Mickey Mouse Wallets, Plushes, and More!

Earlier last week, we showcased some official item listings from Disney’s D23 Expo Japan Commemorative Auction. Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Super Dollfie ended with a whooping 21,000,000 yen! Wow! The second group of D23 official listings are awaiting; those will be up on YJ Auction some time this week.
While waiting, we can check out some of the official merchandises sold at the actual Expo! Many of them are exclusive to the event and have already sold out.



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It’s Mickey Mouse Transformer! Chogokin King Robot Mecha Mickey and his Friends

Tmashii Nations, Bandai’s collectible toy brand, presents an innovative and unique robot in collaboration with Disney’s most celebrated character: Mickey Mouse.

disneychogokin2 disneychogokin

Chogokin Chogattai King Robot Mickey & Friends are 7 individual character figures that can be transformed and combined to form a one giant robot. The team members are: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, and Steamboat Willie.

When you look close, you can see intricate details they put in making them.
For example, inside mecha Mickey’s eyes you can actually see a small Mickey Mouse piloting the robot… sweet!


They even made a really cool promotional video to go with it. It’s worth watching just for the transformation sequence.


Chogokin King Robot Mickey & Friends will start selling tomorrow (March 30th), but you can start pre-ordering from our Rinkya Store now!

Search for all chogokin items on Yahoo Japan auction, including old pre-Bandai lineup and current models.