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Yahoo Japan Special Auction by NIGO. Tons of Rare Planet of Apes Toys & Collectibles


Yahoo Japan Auction is holding a series of special auctions in collaboration with NIGO!

NIGO is a Japanese music producer, DJ, founder of the apparel line A Bathing Ape. He is also a huge collector of Star Wars, Beatles, and various collectible toys that had given him inspiration and shaped his origin as a creator.

Starting this week, NIGO will be selecting 2 sets of items every week to auction from his massive collection.

First set to be auctioned this week is:

A set of 9 Planet Apes toys, Mexican version

 planetapes01planetapes2 planetapes03 planetapes04

planetapes07 planetapes06planetapes05planetapes08

These are rare Planet of Apes merchandise made by CIPSA, which were specifically made to be sold in Mexico. CIPSA officially acquired license from Mego at the time of release, and what’s great about them is that not only they are rare, but five of nine items are totally unopened and in great conditions (first five character figures are new).

 BID ON Planet of Apes CIPSA Mexian release version

Second set is:

A set of 79 rare Planet of Apes Toys!!

WOW. That’s quite a collection for sale! I cannot list all of the toys here, so I’ll select a few. You can check out all 79 items here.

Bullmark Japanese figures

Bullmark Japanese figures

adarplamodel2 addarplasticmodel







Again, check the rest of products included in this set on NIGO’s special auction page. There are a lot more cool toys!

 NIGO will be auctioning 4 more sets of collectibles this month.
The next two will start accepting bids on April 15th, there’ll be more Planet of Apes items, Batmobile for children to ride. And from Apr 22nd, lots and lots of Pee Wee Herman toys/collectibles will be posted. You can preview some of the items in advance.
Otherwise, we’ll keep you updated too!