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Choose Your Favorite Yuru Chara! Yuru Chara Grand Prix


Like Kumamon of Kumamoto and Bari-san of Imabari, yuru chara (ゆるキャラ) are local mascots that could possibly bring in fame and prosperity to local prefectures and towns. Many towns today compete to produce the coolest, cutest yuru charas of the time, and the annual Yuru Chara Grand Prix going on right now is a perfect place to showcase them.

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Creepy Yurukyara Mascot from Hokuto City, Hokkaido Revealed

In November last year, city of Hokuto, Hokkaido announced its official mascot character (yurukyara) “Zushi Hokki.” The character caused a lot of buzz around internet because of its unconventional, creepy appearance.



Zushi Hokki is supposed to be a Japanese surf clam (hokkigai) in a sushi form. A sushi with hand and legs are already pretty creepy, but those eyes! He (she?) was chosen by popular votes. The city has recently revealed more pictures of this unique character. Check it out!


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Say Hello to Fukushima Corporation’s New Mascot with a Very Unfortunate Name

Fukushima Industries, a commercial refrigerator and electric appliances manufacturer in Japan, introduced a very kawaii new mascot to the public. Apparently, no body in the company knew enough English or did not have a say in deciding its name.

Image source: Rocket New 24


His (or her, he’s an egg so he does not have a gender yet) name is Fukuppy. They probably simply wanted to combine Fukushima Industrie’s “Fuku” and the word “-ppy,” which is commonly used for Japanese nicknames to show cuteness. It makes sense logically, but it just sounds so inappropriate to any English speakers. I’ll definitely add Fukuppy to our 10 Creepiest Japanese Mascots list.

You can read more on Fukuppy’s background story on Rocket News 24 (in English) or Fukushima Corporation’s website (in Japanese).