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Marvel Tsum Tsum Cakes: Spider-Man is a berry Cake!

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Marvel Tsum Tsum Cakes: Spider-Man is a berry Cake! Ginza Cozy Corner is releasing a set of Marvel Tsum Tsum cakes Valentine’s day. The set is a Petit Gateau Valentine Collection that includes 9 Tsum Tsum cakes. It’s a limited set. It’ll sell from January 13 until February 14 at Ginza Cozy Corner. The set will sell for 2268 yen including tax.

Marvel Tsum Tsums are super cute. This set contains some of the cutest ever, like the berry Spider-Man. The set lineup is as follows:

  • Black Widow: a tart of chocolate cream and white chocolate cream
  • Hawkeye: a mango cream roll cake
  • Thor: a passion fruit ganache-filled lemon cream tart
  • Falcon: a chocolate cream and cocoa sponge roll cake
  • Marvel Tsum Tsum: a vanilla flavored white chocolate cream and cocoa sponge cake
  • Spider-Man: a raspberry cream and raspberry flavor sponge roll cake
  • Captain America: a mint-flavored white chocolate cream tart
  • Iron Man: a white chocolate cream and roll cake with raspberry flavored sponge
  • Hulk: a Matcha Mont Blanc Tart

If you’re going to spend Valentine’s Day in Japan, consider getting your hands on this Marvel Tsum Tsum Cake Set from Ginza Cozy Corner.

Source: Entabe
Images source: Entabe

One Punch Man Manga Illustrator Draws the Covers for Spider-Man

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One Punch Man Manga Illustrator Draws the Covers for Spider-Man and they are all amazing! Dan Slott’s The Amazing Spider-Man, aka as Spider-Verse will enjoy amazing covers by Yusuke Murata, illustrator of One-Punch Man! Spider-Verse is getting more interesting thanks to Murata’s pen. If you’re afraid of staring at Spider-Man with a totally different touch, don’t despair: you’ll find your Spider-Man only with a great shape! Murata’s style is dynamic and fresh, and of course, unmistakable. However, we must also state that his version of Spider-Man is not only amazing, it’s also strong and alluring.

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Tamashii Nations Samurai Spider-Man rocks!

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Tamashii Nations Samurai Spider-Man rocks! If you thought that Spider-Man was cool, now you’ll think he is ultimately cool! Tamashii Nations’ take on Spider-Man not only is stylish, it’s amazing! We can believe in a Samurai Spider-Man battling all Edo demons and evil warriors! This figurine is made from PVC and ABS resin, which gives it incredible flexibility and allows it to have incredible poses. It stands 180mm and its design is mind-blowing.

Let’s explore this exquisite Tamashii Nations new creation!

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Marvel’s Civil War by Hiro Mashima & Others. Don’t miss it!

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Marvel’s Civil War by Hiro Mashima and others is just astonishing. The artwork is not to be missed! As you know, Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is right here! Shonen Magazine authors are paying tribute to this clash of Superheroes by showcasing fantastic art. Fairy Tail author Hiro Mashima is one of them. You’ll be able to find the illustration of the clash of Captain America and Iron Man on tees and tote backs in some Tokyo Theaters, and also posters, which will easier to find than other merchandise. Panflets will also portray the awesome art!

Want to take a look at all the artwork?

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New Marvel Spider-Gwen Bishoujo Kotobukiya figurine is to die for!

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New Marvel Spider-Gwen Bishoujo Kotobukiya figurine is to die for! Spider-Gwen joins Kotobukiya Bishoujo figurine collection and it rocks! Spider-Gwen comes from Marvel’s Spider-Verse. This time she is based on illustrations by artist Shunya Yamashita. Spider-Gwen was introduced in the events of the Spider-Verse Universe in which alternate possibilities appeared for the Spider-Man Universe. In fact, she is Gwen Stacy and she has been bitten by a radioactive spider (not Peter Parker!) and she is the Spider of her alternate Universe.

As you can see, this figurine is depicting Spider-Gwen as the blonde Superhero she is. She has blue eyes and great dynamics. She has also her iconic hoodie and mask. She measures around 222mm. Pre-orders are available till figurines last. She ships on August 2016! Don’t miss her!


Let’s take a closer look at Spider-Gwen together!

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Marvel News: Kids Nations Iron Man Earphone Jack Accessories

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Great Marvel News! Kid Nations Iron Man earphone jack accessories are here! And they’re all super badass! We start with Kids Nations DX01: Iron Man Mark XLII Battle Damaged Ver. Earphone Jack Accessory. This Iron Man measures around 100mm, and it’s really threatening. This version comes from the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. Pre-orders are available till items last, and till December 16, 2015! It ships on February 2016. Don’t miss him!


Let’s take a closer look at it!

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Fan art! Guess the Fandom crossovers!

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Let’s play again with some Fandom crossovers! This time we have prepared some funny images for you to play with. It is really easy!! The first one is just really… famous! Both characters are really known worldwide! Do you know which fandom crossover is this one?

Okay, just in case you are a little bit lost (thing that I doubt), here are some hints: a very famous “moon” character who is dress in the suit of a very famous “captain.” I am so sure you know it!

Continue reading and finding more awesome fandom crossover quizes!

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