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Mandarake Big Auction Starting Today!


The 62nd Mandarake Big Auction is starting today!
Mandarake is one of the biggest manga/anime/toy collectible stores in Japan. You can find Japan’s most sought after items on their Big Auction! Contact Rinkya’s customer service if you are interested in bidding on any of the auctioned items. We’ve been helping our customers purchase items from Mandarake for years!

The following items are only a few selected examples from the whole auction list.

Anime Cels

UFO Robot Grendizer Color Chart Cel


My Neighbor Totoro


Sailor Moon





Original Art

Akemi Takada Original Watercolor Paint Patlabor


Haruhiko Mikimoto’s original full color Macross art


Castle in the Sky Rough Layouts

castle-in-the-sky-rough-layout-rinkya-japan castle-in-the-sky-rough-layout-rinkya-japan2



Vintage Toys

Masudaya Ultra Seven Race Car



Asakusa Toy’s Astroboy Race Car


There are tons more collectible items listed on Mandarake Big Auction. Check out their official site to browse all listings! Contact Rinkya to bid on items on behalf of you (You must be logged into Rinkya to access this page). Good luck bidding!

Mandarake big auction starts April 5th! Rare toys, cels, genga, dolls, vintage collectibles… Bid on anything you want through Rinkya


Update (04/10/2013): MANDARAKE BIG AUCTION has started. Check the list of all items being auctioned on Mandarake Auction Site!!

Mandarake – Japan’s largest used manga/anime vendors will begin its quarterly Big Auction through April 5th to April 17th this spring (Japan time).
Mandarake Big Auction (大オークション) is held every three months each year, and quite literally it is a HUGE auction specializing in highly collectible anime/manga/toys. There are approximately 1,500 rare and hard-to-find items auctioned each time. On their website Mandarake has a preview of a few selected items that are planned for auction.

WE CAN BID ON ANY MANDARAKE AUCTION ITEMS. If you have any items you are interested in bidding, just email us at stores@rinkya.com. We can discuss what and how you want to bid, and how much you want to bid up to, etc (10% Mandarake charges + Japanese tax + Rinkya Stores commission apply, see below for details). Feel free to ask any questions!

From the preview I’ve personally picked some items that I like to share with our Rinkya blog readers.

#1 Popy Chogokin Mazinger Z first edition


Height: 114mm | Including:protective sponge cover for the body, protective styrofoam for missiles, 2 punch hands, 6 missiles, a mint-condition instruction manual.

Mazinger Z first edition, the origin and a masterpiece of Chogokin series, is planned to be sold on auction. It is in a beautiful condition without any paint chips, damages on stickers, missing parts…It looks almost brand new. Starting bid is 2,000,000JPY.

In addition to Mazinger Z, they are putting a heavy focus on Go Nagai comics and related merchandise/items for this auction including life-scal Devil Man, Jumbo Machineders, some rare magazines, collected editions, encyclopedia of UFO Robot Grendizer, paper craft kits that came with magazines, etc.

#2 Revised rough drafts of Castle in the Sky, revised by Hayao Miyazaki.castleinthesky  castleinthesky02

#3 Original painting (genga) used for the cover jacket of Tetsujin No.28’s Asahi Sonorama sonosheet (Flexi disc).tetsujin28

#4 Vintage motorcycle tin toys
One of the large featured collections in this season’s Big Auction also includes vintage tin-made mortorcycle toys. More than 150 tin motorcycles will be available on auction. Don’t miss out on it if you are collecting them!

tinbike3 tinbike2

#5 8-man B/W anime cel

#6 Jumbo Machineder Spartan K5

#7 Prince of Tennis autograph and original sketch by Takeshi Konomitennis

#8 Astroboy wooden truck toy

Extra fees: Please note that after the final closeout price, Mandarake charges 10% auction fee, 5% sales tax, and Rinkya will charge commission at Rinkya Stores rates (800 yen base, plus 100 yen per 1,000 after). Shipping not included.
I recommend you read Rinkya Stores FAQ if it’s your first time using Stores service, and ask any questions via email if you like :)

You can check out more items on Mandarake’s web preview here. All items on Mandarake auction are checked and evaluated by their experienced specialists. Cels and gengas above 10,000 JPY are accompanied with certificates of authenticity (unless the original seller specifies not to). Contact us via email at stores@rinkya.com to request bidding on Mandarake Big Auction, discuss bidding prices, and ask questions if you have any! We’ll do our best to get you what you are looking for.