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Japan Word of the Day #135 – Tokuten

Today’s Word is: Tokuten (特典)

Japanese products, especially in entertainment category, are all about limited time offer and tokuten (特典). What is tokuten? Tokuten refers to a special item, material, or privilege that comes packaged with a product when purchased. For example, shokai tokuten (初回特典), a special item that comes with first-print or first edition only, is a common strategy for marketers. Similarly, tenpo tokuten (店舗特典) is a special item/privilege you can get when purchasing from a specific store (tenpo), and yoyaku tokuten (予約特典) is a tokuten given to people who made pre-order in advance.

When DVD/Blu-ray of Madoka Magica -Rebellion- was released, there were dozen different kinds of novelties given out as tenpo tokuten.

Madoka Magica Rebellion Special Cover Aniplex

A special DVD box case offered as a tokuten at ANIPLEX+

Madoka Magica Rebellion Crystal Paper Weight

A special crystal paper weight given at Amiami with Madoka Magica -Rebellion- DVD/Blu-ray

You can only get these tokuten items by purchasing DVD or Blu-ray from a specific store, so it becomes very difficult to collect all of them. Many people just collect them using Yahoo Japan Auction, so they don’t have to buy several copies of the same DVDs.

If you are curious, you can try searching for various Madoka Magica Tokuten using Rinkya!

Image source: Madoka Magica Official Site

New Sailor Moon Puchi Chara Dolls Will Be Released in Three Variations: Two Regulars and One Limited Edition

This September, toy company MegaHouse is releasing “Puchi Chara Sailor Moon -Petite School Life-,” a new product from Puchi Chara line featuring Sailor Scouts in their everyday outfits.

There are Regular Edition and Limited Edition versions for this set. Regular Edition will have two variations in characters’ facial expressions. A special Limited Edition version that is sold exclusively on pre-order basis will vary in both facial expressions and posing.



All three of them are available for pre-order through Rinkya Direct, but the limited edition version must be ordered before June 29th, 2014.


Let’s look at the differences between the three versions closely.


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Lipton has pens that smell like their black tea and fruits tea



I’m not sure why your ball-point pens should smell like beverage, but here they are, Lipton assorted tea-scented pens. These are limited edition items celebrating 10th anniversary of Sarasa Clip, a popular stationary line from Zebra.
From left,
1st set: black tea, muscat tea, lemon tea, vanilla tea au lait, and grape tea.
2nd set: milk tea, peach tea, apple tea, orange tea, and caramel tea au lait.



I love Japanese Lipton tea line though. They are so refreshing!

Source: Rocket News 24

RARE! Pokemon Zukan 2004 Campaign Prize: 1/40-scale Wailord Figure

Like Pokemon? We have a rare Pokemon toy for auction today!

Pokemon Rittai Zukan is a series of Pokemon figures sold through gachapon vending machines in Japan since 2003. There was a special campaign in 2004 where you can use tickets that came along with these figures to enter a lottery to win this awesome, giant Wailord toy!

pokemonwailord-plush2 pokemonwailord-plush3



This Wailord is made in 1/40-scale size, measuring 38 x 19 x 16 cm (approximately 15 x 7.5 x 6.3 inch). Since it was a prize for a limited-time campaign, you won’t find them in regular trade. Presence of this adorable figure will brighten up your room for sure!

We have a couple of buying options here.

Bid on brand new Pokemon Rittai Zukan Wailord, unused.

BId on USED, PRE-OWNED Pokemon Rittai Zukan Wailord.

And even after the above auctions are over, keep checking on this link to follow all listing of the same product!

Dragon Quest Slime Hourglass to be Released in July! Taking Pre-order Now.



Square-Enix will release limited edition hourglass featuring adorable mascot creature from Dragon Quest series, Slime.

Product: Slime Hourglass
Released from: Square-Enix
Dimension: 100 mm tall x 53 mm diameter
Price: 2,200JPY
Shipping within Japan: 577JPY

Slime hourglass measures 3 minutes. It is designed after images that actually appear in Dragon Quest X and VII while loading game data (see below).


How adorable!

We are taking pre-order on Limited Edition Slime Hourglass right now.
To order, 1) login to your Rinkya account, 2) go to “My Orders” from top right icon, and 3) go to “Request Stores Order.



4) Paste in this URL and you are ready to go! Don’t forget to choose color (blue or silver)!

This product will be available on July 27th!



Game Screenshots Source: Hachima Kikou

Evangelion Gendo’s new commercial for Shick razors

Evangelion’s Gendo stars in Shick’s razor commercial again this year!



Two commercials were shot for this year’s campaign.

Gendo is being interviewed as a Shick customer.


Shick razors in collaboration with Evangelion come with chibi earphone jack plugs

Eva Store now sells limited-edition Rei, Asuka or Eva 01, Mark 06 stands!

evanstand2 evastand

Buying three of Shick x Evangelion collaboration products will make you eligible for a lottery to win this special Evangelion alarm clock too!

Request to buy Shick x Evangelion campaign razors from your Rinkya Stores’ account page!

2007 limited edition CWC Blyth doll, Gentle River


Likes Blyth dolls? Want something unique and different from everyone else? Treat yourself with this gorgeous, special edition Blyth – Gentle River – a winning model from Blyth  Beauty Contest 2007.

crowncima-img500x500-1366464977qbyxc161113 crowncima-img500x500-1366464978vcsgao61113

Gentle River was designed by renowned group of Blyth custom designers Team Sibley. The beautiful custom doll won first place in the first annual Blyth Beauty Contest held in 2007. After being selected as a winner, 3,100 of Gentle River dolls were produced by Takara Tomy.
The auctioned item is in a brand new, unopened condition.
A great opportunity to buy it if you are looking for something special!
Bid on CWC limited edition Blyth “Gentle River” now! 

For all Blyth doll auctions, check here.

RARE Art of War Berserk Guts and Slan statue

From Art of War statue maker, brand new unopened Berserk’s Guts & Slan -GOD HAND- statue is up for auction.


Art of War usually makes a small lot of statues for limited period of time. This one is from about five years ago, featuring a scene from Berserk episode 218. Only 300 of them were made at the time, and this is one of them in a completely mint, unused condition, with a serial number metal plate included. The seller is a company called Time Labo specialized in handling used figures and toys, and they decided to have this item auctioned on their YJ shop.

From Art of War official site, we can see what it looks like when the statue is set up.

berserk berserk2 berserk3


It’s quite creepy but has amazing details and feel to it.
Bid on Art of War Guts & Slan -GOD HAND- on Yahoo Japan auction while it’s still available!


Also, check out Art of War’s upcoming statues.



I love all the amazing statues but that Zodd smartphone stand (last picture)… that is kind of hilarious but cool! Pre-orders are starting already and will stop taking them at the end of this month, hurry if you want them! You can always ask for request order at our Rinkya Stores.