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Kumamon and Rilakkuma team up with Lawson Japan

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Kumamon and Rilakkuma team up with Lawson Japan. From December 2016, you can find items like Ehumaki for Setsubun, with Rilakkuma and Kumamon. The Kumamon Naga Roll (420 yen including tax) is about 30cm. It has whipped cream, raw chocolate, fruits and also has cocoa flavor.

You can also find Setsubun Rilakkuma mini mochi rolls for 450 yen including tax. This set has strawberry and pudding flavors. One set has two types of roll cakes. Each measures about 4.5cm in diameter and about 9cm in length. It also includes a limited sticker.

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Celebrate Christmas with Kumamoto’s Mascot Bear Kumamon Cake

Kumamoto prefecture’s popular mascot bear, Kumamon is going to be served as Christmas cakes this year! Daiichiyasei Pan Company is currently taking preorders until October 15th. The cake will arrive at your door on December 20th.




The outside of the cake is coated with a rich chocolate layer. The inside of the cake is filled with chocolate-flavored soft sponge cake and delicious chestnuts produced in Kumamoto prefecture.


Source: Netolabo

10 Most Popular Local Gotochi Hello Kitty in Japan!

Every prefecture/tourist destinations in Japan have their own local Gotochi Hello Kitty merchandises sold exclusively in the areas. They are cute and serve as perfect souvenirs for friends and families when visiting other prefectures (Some big cities in US have their Gotochi Kitty too!).

There are more than 1,500 kinds of Gotochi Hello Kitty out there. Among them, which Hello Kitty did best in sales in year 2012?
Let’s find out below!

10. Mount Fuji Fuji-chan Hello Kitty (Yamanashi Pref. exclusive)


In collaboration with Mt. Fuji mascot Fuji-chan!

 9. Fukushima Yae Hello Kitty (Fukushima Pref. exclusive)


Kitty’s dressed up as Yae Niigawa, the Japanese equivalent of Joan of Arc during Bakumatsu Revolution

8. Sauce Cutlet Don Hello Kitty (Fukui Pref. exclusive)


7. Jinbee Zame Hello Kitty (Okinawa Pref. exclusive)

She’s riding an Okinawan whale shark!

6. Leopard Hello Kitty (Osaka Pref. Exclusive)


5. Hakata Mentaiko Twin Seated Kitty (Fukuoka Pref. exclusive)

Twin Kitties are seated on Fukuoka’s popular delicacy mentaiko (spicy cod roe)

 4. Nagoya Shachihoko Laying Kitty (Aichi Pref. exclusive)

Shachihoko is a Japanese mythical creature with head of tiger and body of carp.

Shachihoko is a Japanese mythical creature with head of tiger and body of carp.

3. Umbrella Hello Kitty (Kyoto Pref. exclusive)

2. Lavender Checkered Hello Kitty (Hokkaido Pref. exclusive)

And the most popular local Hello Kitty of 2012 was… (drum roll!)

1. KumaMon Hello Kitty! (Kumamoto Pref. exclusive)

Kumamoto Prefecture’s popular mascot character KumaMon earned the first place in collaboration with Hello Kitty! They seem to be getting along and becoming good friends :)

kumamonhellokitty3 kumamon-hellokitty2


What’s your favorite Hello Kitty?
Did you find the ones you like and places you want to visit?

Search for all Hello Kitty items on Yahoo Japan Auction via Rinkya.

Ranking source: Goo

Steiff’s Kumamon Teddy Bears Sell Out in 5 Seconds

German plush-toy company Steiff started taking pre-orders for Kumamon Teddy Bears on May 12th, and in everyone’s surprise they sold out in mere 5 seconds!


These special edition Teddy Bears (small bear being held by big bear above) were made in collaboration with Kumamoto Prefecture’s popular mascot character, Kumamon for limited production of 1,500 bears only.
If you missed out on it and still want to own one, there are already some showing up on Yahoo Japan Auction. Competitions are quite fierce, so act quick!
Search Steiff’s Kumamon Teddy Bears on YJ Auction via Rinkya.

kumamonteddybear05 kumonteddybear04


Steiff Japan’s representative explained, “such large response is unprecedented since Disney’s Teddy Bears.”
Kumamon has been selected as most popular local mascot character in past, but I suppose no one expected he would be this much of the rage! Go Kumamon!

Thanks for supporting Kumamon and Kumamoto!

Source: Asahi Shimbun