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Sushi KitKat in Ginza: for chocolate lovers (from KitKat Japan)

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Chocolate lovers, you’re lucky this Valentine! There is sushi KitKat in Ginza! Wait, what!? A KitKat specialty store is to open at Ginza that plays with KitKat Japan flavors. And to celebrate it, customers will be able to enjoy Sushi KitKat! This will be the world’s first Sushi KitKat ever. But, don’t despair, because it’s incredibly amazing. The store will open from February 2nd and will offer KitKat delicacies. The first one: Sushi KitKat.

Sushi KitKats are made with rice puff molded as shari for sushis. It has crispy texture and it looks like rice. The toppings are amazing KitKats coated with wasabi powder to give them accentuated flavor.

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