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December’s Taste: Kirin Chuhai BitterS Yuzu, Adults’ Sin

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December’s taste comes from the hands of Kirin Beer with their Kirin Chuhai BitterS Yuzu Season. Yuzu is like a small mandarine, perfect for Xmas. It’s bitter taste along with alcohol it’s perfect for winter. Yuzu is one of winter’s special foods in Japan. They’re fresh, delicious, and can be easily found in Japan.

Warm and relaxing, Yuzu makes the perfect fruit for Xmas. Many people use them for bathing as well, because it gives great perfume to the water.

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Kirin Tanrei Green Label Asoberu Design Limited Can

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The Kirin Tanrei Green Label Asoberu Design Limited Can is here! This limited edition of Kirin Beer’s “Happy Sake” Tanrei Green Lavel is on sale since December 6. There is a 2D QR code hidden in the Nordic style design, so that you can enjoy special content online such as manga and games.

The online contents includes original manga “Manga Midori,” a Haneko game and a musical video. The Manga Midori can have different endings depending on the number of people that reads it. The Haneko game can be played by 4 different players on a smartphone. And the music video is from “4 GREEN HAGOITA.”

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Limited Andy Warhol Kirin Larger Beer

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Kirin is set to sell a limited Andy Warhol Kirin Larger beer this December. Not only the design of the box and the cans rock, but the whole idea is fantastic. The “Andy Warhol Design Pack” is going to be super limited and it will sell from December 6 until they sell out. The price is open.

The cans depict artworks from the famous 20th century artist Andy Warhol. There are eight different designs in total, and they’re all amazing!

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