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Japan Word of the Day #136 – Jinbei

Jinbei yukata japan

Today’s Word is: Jinbei (甚平)

Jinbei (甚平) is Japanese summer wear traditionally worn by men and children. It consists of a kimono-like shirt and short pants. It’s a lot more relaxing than yukata (浴衣), and considered as casual outfit for informal occasions. In present days, the most likely place you’d see people dressed in it is at matsuri (summer festivals).

Jinbei Japan

Today, jinbei is also popular among women, and you start to see more and more of them designed and targeted for girls.

women's jinbei japan

Unlike yukata and kimono, it’s easy to move and loosely fitted, so many people use it as an indoor wear and as a pajama too. The material used for it is usually either cotton, hemp, or combination of both. It absorbs sweat and breathes air well, making it comfortable to wear even in hot weather.

If you want your own jinbei, you can browse the ones listed on YJ Auction via Rinkya.

Image sources: Rakuten, Nadesiko Peace, Jiggys Shop

Japan Word of the Day #64 – Futokoro


Today’s Word is: Futokoro (懐)

Futokoro refers to the inner side of a kimono’s chest area. It also means the chest/breast area of the body itself. The word is used in several Japanese idioms.

For instance, futokoro is often associated with someone’s current money status.

  • “Futokoro ga samui (chest area is cold)” means you are currently short on money.
  • On the other hand, “futokoro ga atatakai (chest area is warm)” means you currently have lots of or at least comfortable amount of money.
  • Futokoro ni ireru (put [money] in chest)” means you are taking someone’s money and making it your own.

This is because futokoro area of a kimono is where people keep their wallets when they don’t have bags. As you can see, designs of kimonos usually don’t have pockets, so wallets have to either go in futokoro (inside the collar), tamoto (baggy sleeves), or stick them in obi belts.


Futokoro can also mean someone’s heart in emotional way.

  • Futokoro ni hairu (entering one’s chest)” describes a situation where someone becomes close to you and earns trust from you.
  • Futokoro ga fukai (deep chest)” describes someone who has great compassion, generosity, and respect to others.

These are just a few examples I can come up with right now, but you can see how versatile the word is!

Image source: Oharibako, 2

10 Prettiest Wedding Dresses Made from Japanese Kimonos

Ever thought about wearing traditional kimonos for your wedding? But you also want a western-style dress? Well, you can enjoy both Japanese and Western-style wedding dresses with these 10 pretty “Wa-dresses” (和ドレス, meaning Japan-style dress), made from real, authentic kimono fabrics!

1) Nishitetsu Grand Hotel’s Yamadaya Kimono Wedding Dress



Nishitetsu Grand Hotel offers a variety of wedding plans, including rental kimono dress service by its dedicated dress shop Yamadaya.

2) Aliansa’s Kimono Dress “Toumu” White

japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-aliansa-rinkya-japan japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-aliansa-rinkya-japan3 japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-aliansa-rinkya-japan2

Aliansa is a custom-made wedding dress company located in Hachiouji, Tokyo. All of their dresses are stunningly beautiful, the above dress “Toumu,” meaning peach dream, is just one example from many. Check out more Aliansa dresses from here!

3) Miyabi Kimono Dress



From Fukuoka’s rental dress company Miyabi, this wedding dress looks particularly gorgeous from back!

4) Angelica Kimono Dress



This piece is from a wedding dress company from Gifu, called Angelica. I absolutely love the floral pattern decorated with cranes!

5) Takeda Asymmetrical Kimono Dress

japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-takeda-rinkya-japan japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-takeda-rinkya-japan2


Takeda Bridal from Nara offers a simple black and gold dress with an accent of vivid red. It’s very modern and elegant without being overly flashy!

6) Hanayome Salon Repurposed Kimono Dress


This dress has more of the kimono feel than the other dresses I’ve mentioned. Hanayome Salon in Gunma does an amazing job of recycling and remaking used dresses and kimonos. You can see a regular Japanese kimono turned into a dress on their blog! For example, the above dress used to look like this.


After the designers at Hanayome Salon added a magic touch to it… Wow! Now it’s a dress!


japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-hanayomesalon-rinkya-japan3 japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-hanayomesalon-rinkya-japan4 japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-hanayomesalon-rinkya-japan5


6) A Black and Gold Kimono Dress from Hanayome Salon

It’s from the same company, but I just felt like I’ve got to show this amazing transformation of kimonos too…



This is extremely pretty, and also quite sexy!

japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-hanayomesalon-rinkya-japan9 japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-hanayomesalon-rinkya-japan7 japanese-kimono-wedding-dress-hanayomesalon-rinkya-japan8


It kind of reminds me of outfits in Final Fantasy though!

7) Nadeshiko Children’s Kimono Dresses

Well, if a bride is going to dress up in a kimono dress, you have to have bride maids in matching outfits, right? Wedding dress company Nadeshiko not only takes custom orders for grownups, but they make dresses for children too, and they are adorable!

kimono-wedding-dress-children-bride-maids-rinkya-japan2  kimono-wedding-dress-children-bride-maids-rinkya-japan

And what’s even great about it is that they make the dress so that it’s adjustable with the strings on the back, for children who grow up and change size fast! Your little girls can wear it multiple times over years!



8) Wakomono Recycled Kimono Dress



Wakomono Bridal lets you save budget by taking an used kimono from customers and turning them into wedding dresses! They use every nice bit of a kimono including the obi sash around the waist!

Some more examples of their work.



9) Aoyama Momo Kimono Dress

kimono-wedding-dress-aoyamamomo-rinkya-japan kimono-wedding-dress-aoyamamomo-rinkya-japan2


Aoyama Momo also repurpose customers’ own kimonos into wedding dresses. While retaining the basic kimono shape, see-through sleeves and the large red lace on the back give it a nice modern touch!

10) Aliansa Wedding Dress – “Koryu” Black


Aliansa, the same company that designed “Toumu,” also created this gorgeous black dress! It is quite different from the other dress, isn’t it? I like how it’s got a little bit of Harajuku lolita & pop style  integrated in the design. It’s really adorable from every angle you see.

kimono-wedding-dress-aliansa-rinkya-japan3 kimono-wedding-dress-aliansa-rinkya-japan4 kimono-wedding-dress-aliansa-rinkya-japan5 kimono-wedding-dress-aliansa-rinkya-japan2



Choosing wedding dresses can be tough, it’s once in lifetime event (or more, possibly, but you know what I mean)! If you can’t decide, maybe consider kimono dresses? You’d make quite an impression at the ceremony for sure!