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Bento Friday: Light up rainy days with Kerokero Keroppi bentos


In Japan, June is tsuyu (梅雨), a rainy season every year. It’s bothersome having to carry an umbrella everywhere, and sometimes random someone steals your umbrella…(which often happens even in courteous Japan)!
These Kerokero Keroppi should cheer you up when you are down.

Source: sabasucafe

Source: Charaben Funtoki

Source: OSARU mama

By the way, do you know what Keroppi’s friend Teruteru actually is?



She is supposed to be Teruteru Bouzu, a traditional Japanese paper doll that people hang on string to pray for good weather. It’s believed to have a magical power to prevent rain. Children often make paper teruteru bouzus the day before field trips, sports day, or any occasion they wish it to be good weather.

We might as well have fun making teruteru bouzu on rainy days too!
Source: mma Blog

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Have a nice weekend!